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Luxury, comfort and elegance. These are just some of the predicates that can define the architect Bárbara Paiva’s room design for a family residence. With a classic and conceptual proposal, the professional, who has an office in Brasília, Brazil, and signs residential and commercial projects, explored the use of furs, mirrors, neutral colors and wood to arrive at the final result that we see in the photos, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the anteroom that opens the room, the highlight is two armchairs, positioned on opposite sides, facing each other, in leather. In this post you will learn more about it and be able to make a beautiful Crochet Butterfly Stitch Top (Basic Stitch).

Large and comfortable, in neutral colors (brown and white), they already announce that the project is bold and rich in details. To compose in space, a mirrored sideboard, with metal feet, comes with two elegant vases in red and copper and flowers arranged in another vase, also mirrored which leaves everything with a very beautiful touch.

On the floor, a huge ivory rug serves as the stage for the architect’s other choices, which uses a classic style wooden side table and support benches, two in total, for each leather armchair, which creates an incredible pattern.

Old suitcases give the final touch to the décor, which, even classic, can be modern and current. You can also add a TV panel in the room that will help you a lot to organize those wires that are scattered around. In the other room, a large leather sofa has its parts separated by a mirrored rectangular table, which supports the two places of the furniture. Equipped with leather pillows and blankets, the two parts of the sofa are even more comfortable and charming.

The white glass coffee table houses elegant silver books and candlesticks. Clean and refined, the decoration is all designed to make the space comfortable and practical for its user. With a large, soft and plush carpet, occupying the entire room, the project is complemented by details, such as silver cachepots, decorative dice, sconces with special lighting for the curtain and a silver lamp on the side table, all of these. elements completing the environment in an incredible way.

Bárbara Paiva also bet on a table, located behind the sofa, as a space for studies, reading and integration, which is also a great help. Having the functionality of a small office, the furniture is illuminated by a table lamp and equipped with two comfortable chairs with light upholstery. The colors of the proposal, also neutral as in the anteroom are ivory, white, brown and beige and in addition to making the decoration light, they also give the feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Butterfly Stitch Top (Basic Stitch)


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