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In contemporary dining room designs, the presence of mirrors in the dining room decoration is very common. In a dining room, comfort, beauty, space optimization and a sense of spaciousness are required, since the place must be suitable for family meals or to receive visitors. In this context it is very required for mirrors dining room projects, since they can convey the idea of ​​spaciousness and sophistication of the space. There are several creative ways to decorate a dining room with a mirror. in this post we will talk more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Owl Table Runner. Below are some ideas:

Know some ways to decorate your dining room with a mirror: 1) Rustic Decoration: The presence of a mirror with a wood frame and with ornamental motifs when used above the sideboard, gives an idea of ​​great coziness to the space and the lighting embedded in the plaster, also of great prominence and beauty to it, as if the mirror were a work of art that reflects the rest of the decoration and still gives a very beautiful touch to everything. The mirror creates an intimate and sometimes romantic atmosphere.

2) Contemporary decor: For fans of straight lines and for those who want a wide range of surroundings (often in the case of small apartments), the use of large mirrors that start from the floor is a good choice, since it practically doubles the space and gives a very modern touch to the environment. To make it stand out, a great idea is to use it with a thin and contrasting frame around it.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Owl Table Runner

3) Decoration in dark tones: For large environments, the use of dark tones can be cozy, you can create a project with a gray-walled dining room and black chairs for example. In order not to “take the risk” of the environment becoming heavy, a good idea for decoration is to create a composition of mirrors on the wall. If desired, framed mirrors painted in gray can also be a great combination.

4) Classical Decoration: Even a decoration with classic elements such as antique chandelier and Provencal sideboard calls for a good mirror. In the case of the dining room, if it has natural lighting, the mirror above the sideboard is great to further duplicate this lighting, which provides a very clear environment with a sense of lightness, in addition to leaving the environment with a special touch.

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