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This theme is very current and super relevant for all professionals involved in home decoration and architecture projects as well as for the client who hires the service and who will experience moments of his life in that place that has been redesigned, be it a professional or residential environment. How to keep the decor functional after a project. Functional is everything that has a function. And “functional decoration” is the key to success in keeping the environments always beautiful as they were on the day of delivery. In today’s post we will teach you more about it and you can learn to make an amazing and wonderful Crochet Pillow.

This function of decoration arose due to the ever smaller properties, and also because of people’s daily lives, which is increasingly busy, hectic and requires dynamism at all times. Create beautiful designs of modern houses and not think about functionality, it will certainly be a shot in the foot, because the enchantment with the environment will last very little, since the day to day will require improvisations, which gradually stop being provisional and directly affect all the design developed in the initial project, in addition to the mess that can accumulate there.

But how to keep modern house designs always functional?
Start with the project – During the creation of the project it is essential that the client and the professionals are in perfect harmony, so that they can understand the needs in that client’s day to day and what habits will have to be preserved in certain environments in order to do the project . A classic example are rooms that also need to serve as “mini offices”.

This needs to be considered in the project, otherwise the customer will end up with his notebook on his lap, sitting on the bed. Multifunctional furniture – This type of furniture is a super smart solution mainly for small environments. There are many models and furniture of all types, it remains for you to identify what will be most useful for your day to day, so pay attention to this. An example is the coffee tables that hide some “wheel puffs”, just pull and you can already comfortably receive more people.

Think of a “Clean” environment – Furniture with many objects on them can be great villains in the decoration because they end up generating the false sense of disorganization, and you already know, right ?! Clutter attracts a mess and soon you will be using inappropriate places to support all kinds of things, which totally spoils the decor. If you’re super attached to collections, books, ornaments that you bring with you from trips, think about the idea of ​​displaying few items on shelves (only the newest ones, for example), keeping the rest stored in your private deposit or in a Self Storage box – store furniture, so you can keep your hobby functional and organized.

Use creativity – If the environment is very small and needs to house something that is not visually beautiful, be creative. You can use the joinery to your advantage by making, for example, “wooden brises” to hide something, using sliding doors that shelter behind a shelf with various products, etc … Look for reference professionals for this type of thing – In addition to pursuing knowledge, you must also have specialized professionals, including architects, decorators and personal organizers, for sure ideas will not be lacking.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Pillow


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