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The laundry, or service area, are small but very important spaces inside the house, however, this environment is almost always overlooked when it comes to decoration. But a well-planned and well-decorated laundry room guarantees a more comfortable and organized environment, which can transform your housework routine into something more pleasant and practical.

Therefore, today we will talk about laundry models, giving tips on how to decorate this environment and always keep it organized and functional in addition to providing the tutorial of a beautiful Flower Valley Shawl. Due to smaller and smaller residential projects, small laundry models have become increasingly present in homes and apartments.

But a small well-planned laundry can become a well-organized and functional space for everyday life, with lava and drought. The best solution to optimize and gain space in a small laundry is to invest in a planned laundry project, which, although more expensive, the planned laundry is guaranteed to make the most use of space, thus achieving a well organized, functional small laundry where you will be able to keep all the necessary items for that area of ​​the house and still work with tranquility and practicality.

A model of small laundry cabinet that is also very important to keep the space always organized and functional is the multipurpose laundry cabinet, it helps a lot. These models of closet for service area can be found both in stores and in planned laundry projects, which is a guarantee of a small laundry the way you always wanted.

There are a few more tricks you can use in your small laundry room, such as choosing cabinet models for the service area that can be installed on the top of the walls, thus making better use of the surrounding walls, it is also interesting to install a clothes rack under the cabinet for laundry that will be installed on the wall, thus creating more space to hang clothes, all together and organized in the same space.

Although the planned laundry is the most suitable for compact environments, these laundry models can also and should be used for larger spaces, after all, the planned laundry is a guarantee of a more beautiful, well decorated and practical environment for daily activities .

If your laundry is in a reserved area of ​​the residence, it is possible to invest in a decoration project that does not necessarily follow the same pattern as the rest of the house, and may be a planned laundry with different colors, coverings and decoration.

In the case of laundry with integrated kitchen, the most suitable option is to invest in cabinet models for the service area that are in harmony with the kitchen cabinets, in this case, the kitchen integrated with the planned laundry is a guarantee of a harmonious and well decorated environment. in addition to being functional and well organized. Furniture is extremely important in every room in the house, and of course, laundry would be no different.

The multipurpose laundry closet is one of the best choices. The multipurpose laundry closet allows us to store cleaning products, clothes, and in some cases, the multipurpose laundry closet even comes with space to store brooms, squeegees and buckets, which already helps you a lot in the organization. In addition to the laundry closet, it is also interesting to use items such as shelves and niches, which in addition to optimizing space, also help to keep the space in order.

Once inside the laundry closet, you can use baskets and organizing boxes to store smaller items, thus making the environment a little better organized. When we think of the service area, a disorganized environment comes to mind, but it doesn’t have to and it shouldn’t be that way. With enough planning and the right cabinet model for the service area, you will surely be able to keep everything in order.

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