Rising Tide Shawl

The kitchen has always been an important room in the home, considered by many to be the heart of the house. This room has increasingly attracted the attention of architecture and interior design professionals mainly due to the American model, which has been increasingly adopted in Brazilian homes. . For this reason the Xell Crafts team has separated some tips and tricks to help you in the task of choosing the best kitchen counter among the existing models and also separated the tutorial of an incredible Rising Tide Shawl for you. The American model, which makes the kitchen so prominent, is characterized by the opening to the social area, that is, the dining or living room, usually separated by a counter.

This integration of environments has been widely used mainly because it helps to increase the feeling of spaciousness and make the environment appear larger, a very important thing in the increasingly smaller properties that exist in large cities and that help a lot in this regard. The kitchen counter, in addition to separating the social area, can also be located inside the kitchen.

It serves as a support for appliances and preparations next to the stove for those who like and have that passion for cooking, in terms of decoration, they also serve to house utensils and decorative objects, which already helps you a lot.

After the important choice of floor and wall coverings and finishes, thinking about the material on which your kitchen counter will be made is also extremely important so pay attention to this, the counter that is next to the stove, or a built-in oven , for example, must be heat resistant.

It is always important that the decoration professional understands the routine of the family of residents, for people who use the kitchen a lot, the support bench will have a lot of use and should be made of a resistant material so that it lasts and withstands the work, easy maintenance and easy cleaning to make it more practical and easy to work on.

Natural stones can be very porous, and because they stain easily, they should be avoided. Unless you also invest in a waterproofing treatment to help you with that. very important factor in areas that will have direct contact with food in general.

Granite is usually a good choice for those who insist on stones, after all it accumulates little fat and it is super easy to clean what audits a lot, marble is a noble material, but it suffers with the issue of stains, in this case , as we already said, consider using a waterproofing layer to help you with this.

The normal height of a kitchen counter is 90cm, for this reason, you should use stools instead of chairs, take the opportunity to combine these pieces with the style of your kitchen or the social area of ​​your home, so you get a lot of style beautiful with everything matching and with an incredible touch of harmony in the environment.

Free Tutorial Available: Rising Tide Shawl


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