Soft Ripple Pattern

Small bathrooms need to be well designed, and everything in this restricted environment must meet a clear need. Do not place too many furniture and objects that hinder the dynamics during use, and store in your small bathroom only what is used for daily use. Stocks toiletries, paper rolls, clean towels elsewhere. In this post you can do more about it and still learn a Soft Ripple Pattern.

Also avoid leaving used towels hanging, as anything that contributes to causing visual confusion in this room makes it even more limited. Invest in furniture designed for your small bathroom, as these furniture are developed specifically for the situation, allowing a more effective use and also helping a lot.

With that you enjoy more unusual spaces like the wall over the vase, over the door, under the sink, both with closed cabinets and with shelves and niches. Improvising with baskets, boxes, hooks, are very valid alternatives for small bathrooms that also help a lot.

Use your creativity! If well chosen and combined, they contribute a lot with decoration making everything more beautiful. Colors must be well thought out, so that they do not cause the feeling that the space is smaller (effect that dark colors can cause).

Especially if the bathroom does not have windows that provide sufficient natural light and air circulation, the use of dark colors can have an oppressive effect. Think carefully before painting each wall a color, or using different textures, as these “breaks” disturb the feeling of continuity, amplitude and can even overwhelm the environment. Leave it to vary in the colors of the objects, dishes, or use frames and baseboards to differentiate.

Abuse of mirrors, they trigger the feeling of spaciousness and help a lot. But look carefully where to place them, so that they do not cause vertigo (do not place them in front of each other). Opt for a completely mirrored wall! Another cool idea is to be part of the mirror box (the fixed part, preferably), which can even camouflage the interior, making the bathroom cleaner.

However, if the elements inside your box are nice and stay well organized, opt for a transparent tempered glass box, which also contributes to providing visual breadth, which is great. The floor and its layout count so that the feeling of confinement is mitigated.

If you use very large pieces, few will fit, and many leftovers (cut floors) will appear. This accentuates the characteristic of the space being reduced. Use smaller or very large pieces, and prefer porcelain tiles or stones whose grout can be as thin as possible, almost imperceptible, this is a great tip.

Free Tutorial Available: Soft Ripple Pattern



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