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There are people who love village houses. I am definitely one of those people who are happy to discover these little ‘oases’ within the super-dense neighborhoods of São Paulo, Brazil. What fascinates me is that they are small houses … Compact and charming! Many people have chosen to live in small houses instead of apartments. Even with all the security issue that involves living in a condominium, the house still provides the dreamed privacy of having a corner ‘only yours’. In this post we will talk more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Star Shaped Crochet Pillow.

But moving to a small space is not always an easy task. At these times, don’t hesitate to hire an architect to help you design your home with multifunctional and organized environments, he will help you a lot with all this. How to make a small house comfortable and functional. Enlightenment is your ally; Here, the more glass, the better.

As small houses are usually on small lots, the main openings are concentrated in the front and bottom of the house, since the sides are narrow. The frames can be aluminum, PVC, wood or iron, this is your choice. The last two require periodic maintenance of varnish or paint, but depending on the style of the house it is worth betting on these items.

Multifunctional spaces; No space should be wasted here! The living room is integrated with the kitchen, and the staircase that leads to the bedroom receives cabinets, niches and an oven, becoming incredibly functional and serving a lot of help. Spaces were fully utilized. Clothes and other items that should be kept were organized in the large closet that occupies the entire double height. Use practical and smart furniture:

In small spaces, a good joinery project is essential when it comes to occupying all areas: In a project of the projects we saw, mezzanine, cabinets, countertops, shelves and niches were organized. Making use of a single material expands and integrates the environments. In this case it was wood, but it could also be burnt cement. Prefer light colors. In this same space we have a kitchen, living room, fireplace and library.

The mezzanine hides the double bedroom, which has shelves and cabinets in continuity with the furniture that comes from the living room. Nothing out of place, everything organized. A private backyard; Sometimes the house is very small, but there is always a nice space left to make a leisure area. If you can’t plant grass, no problem, you can transfer the green to the walls and still have a shower to cool off on hot days on a nice wooden deck that will give an incredible modern touch to the environment.

In another project we saw, between the house and the house, it was still possible to put a barbecue and still leave the charming passage using wall tiles with a hydraulic tile face and modern vases that gave an incredible touch to the environment. there are also houses made from containers; Who said a house needs to be conventional? you can see some examples by searching for super cool little houses that escape the conventional by searching on the internet. You can use this idea to make the ‘shell’ of the house or just the exterior cladding of the facade giving an industrial architecture context.

Free Pattern Available: Star Shaped Crochet Pillow


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