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The kitchen is one of the most frequented environments in the house that gathers friends and family even during the preparation of meals. For this, you can make a striking decoration with kitchen ornaments that follow the style and personality of the residents. The kitchen ornaments can be used on walls, cabinets, tables, stools, tiles, appliances, utensils, among others. It is interesting that these decorative objects have strong colors to compose an environment of a predominant color. Some kitchen accessories in addition to decorating can also make your space more organized, beautiful, practical and functional in everyday life. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Fantastic Crocheted Blanket.

A great alternative for those who cannot invest a lot in decoration are the kitchen ornaments that make the environment more cozy and pleasant in addition to making the environment more visually beautiful. Here are some ideas for kitchen ornaments that we have set aside especially for you. There are several ways to decorate your kitchen in style, but you need to be aware of where you are going to place some items so that no accidents occur.

You must choose a suitable space in your kitchen or dining room to place some elements such as flower vases, crockery and decorative glasses, this will already help you. As these products can break or even cut, check first which location will be most suitable to store them.

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The ornaments for American kitchen should follow the style you chose in the decoration, so everything is matching and you gain an extra charm in the decoration. If your kitchen style has classic lines, look for pastels in pastel colors. The classic decoration brings us to refinement through the richness of its details such as silverware, vases, frames with aged frames, decorative dishes on the wall and light curtains. When we intend to choose ornaments for modern cuisine we think of colored objects in straight lines. Accessories need to be practical to keep the space organized without neglecting two important factors:

Beauty and functionality. One of the most used elements in kitchens with modern style are hooks that serve to hang various objects such as gloves, shells, spoons and pots, in addition to helping a lot in the kitchen they can help with decoration. The metallic supports on an island facilitate the services of those who are cooking and decorate the kitchen in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. And if you have an American kitchen with a living room, it is important that you combine the decorations of the living room with the kitchen, to ensure a harmonious environment in all details. The dining table is an essential piece of furniture in the decoration of the environment that can be used on several occasions.

There are several ornaments for the kitchen table such as the flower pot, towels, crockery, among other decorative objects, which gives you an immense possibility of choices. Crochet kitchen ornaments renew the decor with their varied colors, stitches, shapes and textures. When decorating your kitchen with crochet items, choose a predominant color so that there is an integration between the objects. Crochet is a very versatile craft and you can create countless decorative elements such as tablecloths, pot holders, canister covers, placemats, rugs, bread hanging bags and several other pieces.

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photos by @crochetcreationsbyhanan



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