Pink crochet petal stitch blanket


Welcome to the xellcrafts blog. Today we will learn about crochet and everything you will need tools to further improve your gift and live from your art, undertaking and changing your future and everyone around you.

Over the years, crochet and all other types of crafts ceased to serve only a specific niche and became part of everyday life for all age groups, genders and social classes. Many people nowadays see it as an opportunity to not only be a hobby but also undertake in the area.


First of all, what you should know is that there are some tools you need to start crocheting. You will need to separate somewhere in your home or another place to store the materials, threads, needles, scraps, accessories, magazines and everything else you need to assemble your pieces and works.

How to crochet a pink petal stitch blanket:


This is a super quick and easy pattern to follow, it can be made to assemble blankets, quilts, purses, sweaters, rugs, etc. The interesting thing about crochet is that it opens doors for you to have many ideas and use creativity for your own good.

When you start crocheting, you can use this art as a form of enterprise and profit from it. Just improve yourself and practice whenever you can. The internet will provide you with a greater number of people reached so that you can publicize your work and thus achieve success in sales.


In order for you to expand your horizons, it is important to seek enough knowledge in the area so that your pieces are a highlight and consequently a sales success, whether in person or over the internet.

The secret to success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of letting them use you. If you do this, you will be in control of your life. If you don’t, it’s life that controls you – Anthony Robbins.

For you to be successful in everything you do, you just need to have constancy and persistence and this works with crochet and all other areas of crafts. Use your creativity to go beyond what you imagine and be able to move from an extra income to your main source of income.

The pattern that we will show you below will teach you how to crochet a pink petal stitch, the pattern is quick and easy, suitable for beginners who are starting to crochet or for those who already have a lot of knowledge with the stitch and want to further enhance your piece.

So, let’s improve your knowledge further? How about taking a look at this link?! I emphasize that the credits of the images and the content of the template go to the official website of the same.

Free tutorial here: Pink Crochet Petal Stitch Blanket

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