Block a Week CAL


Let’s go for another pattern of crochet today, I was a while without posting news here for you but I’m here. We all love crochet and also do pieces with this technique. The crochet with the passage of time is modernized and is always updated with the current pieces and what is fashionable. It has many benefits to offer for those who practice not only with the result of an incredible piece but with other health benefits such as improving their motor coordination and also improving memory.

It is no longer practiced only for old people but rather indicated for all ages and has reached several people more and more with lovely pieces and pattern. I believe that in the vast majority of families there is always someone crochet or someone skilled in the art of turning different types of yarn into a garment, or decoration. Not necessarily the crochet needs to remember an older lady, sitting in her chair, weaving her crochet work.


The crochet is something that mainly in our Brazilian culture, is and always was present. Find out a little about it here.The practice of crochet is very old, I remember my grandmother always in her sewing both in the hand and in her machines. She always sat in her chair doing her work, so she gave the inspiration for me and today I’m writing on my website for you helping with many patterns that are always up in fashion and doing things with your hands.

Today’s pattern of crochet is the famous used in magnificant quilts called Block a Week CAL, certainly have seen or heard of this beautiful pattern. It is a stylish pattern and used in quilt and also in handmade blanket. Those style patterns that her grandmother spent hours in her chair with a crochet in her hand being made. It is beautiful because every point made will increase and increase as each point is made. Pattern Size: Small Block: 18.5 cm and Large Block: 40 cm

 You can make this pattern to be used in bed to decorate or also to warm in the cold of winter, being heated with blankets made by yourself is very satisfactory. These bedspreads are very cozy and decorate your home and their environment with style. I’ve also seen it being used as a sofa blanket with matching cushions getting super cozy.
Crochet bedspreads are kind of quilts that never go out of style, as already said, the good thing about the craftsmanship is that it is always renewed so that you can change the stitches and innovate the piece. Bedspreads are very useful, both for warming and for making the environment more elegant and cozy.
This pattern is intermediate level, great for those who want to risk new things and lose the fear of bigger jobs. Enjoy to do this pattern and find the step by step with all the information needed at this link below, have the free pattern of all blocks, enjoy. Good job and have fun.
Pattern Crochet Free  Block a Week Cal