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Initially, people should think that decorating a large double room is much easier to decorate, than a small room, after all it contains more items. However, this is one of the problems: people tend to stuff things into the environment when they believe there is a lot of space. In this post we will see more about this detail and you can learn how to make a beautiful Springtime Floral Afghan Blanket.

Check out some decorating tips for a large double bedroom:
The first tip, and one of the most important, is the proportion, mainly of the furniture, so keep this in mind. Before making any intervention in the environment, it is important to put the measurements on paper. Without a layout plan it is very difficult to start the process.

An example is our clothes on the body. The proportion of the furniture has to be balanced, neither fair nor loose. It is difficult to say a rule to define the ideal size, but a good reference is that you can circulate in the environment, without hitting the furniture, remember this.

In the large room you can use a larger bed, such as a Queen type, which is 1.58 m, or a King model, which measures from 1.86 m. For a couple, a larger bed offers more comfort, but be careful, no giant bed with small bedside tables and no space to circulate, pay attention to that.

Remember the proportion! Often, the Queen bed is the one that best fits the decor for a double room. The nightstand is another indispensable piece in any room, they can be the same or different, or even a table and a valet, there is no definite rule. The important thing is to stay in harmony and help you keep your things. Sometimes, when the room is very large, it can even fit a table, which in addition to serving as a support, can be used as an office space. Decoration for double bedroom bedside table lampshade lighting.

A very interesting item to use, when decorating a double room, is a wooden panel as a headboard for Box type beds, they give a beautiful touch to the environment. Servants can be fixed on this panel. It can be made of wood or covered with fabric (linen or leather), it is super elegant. Let’s suppose that you have already placed the bed, the servants (or table) and still have space left. A suggestion, for those who are decorating a double room, is to place an armchair or even a chaise in the environment, creating a corner for reading or watching TV.

Tip: the custom joinery, to place the TV, usually designed with some shelves and drawers, serves as a support to store personal items and leaves the room organized, which is great. If you have more space, while decorating a double room, you can also make niches on the wall using plaster. Combined with built-in lighting, it creates a beautiful effect, in addition to being functional. See some examples of large rooms: Decoration for clean double bed king size bed.

Free Pattern Available: Springtime Floral Afghan Blanket


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