Rainbow ripple baby blanket


There are several different ways to become an entrepreneur in this booming industry. In this tutorial, there are several steps to take if you want to follow your passion for crochet. If you are a beginner in the area and want to become a successful entrepreneur, just keep following until the end.

The first step in learning to crochet is to understand that there are different types of stitches and that it is important to know how to differentiate them. And of course, the tutorial will help you decide the measurements, colors, format and types of lines for your product so that it matches what you want.


It is also important to know the type and size of needle you want to use, as each one forms a different type of work. Once you’ve decided on all these things, you’re ready to make your own project and follow the instructions accordingly.

If you are a creative person who likes crafts, I’m sure this pattern idea will please you. This technique can be used to create various projects such as blankets, sweaters, bags, etc. And the most interesting thing is that you can turn this piece into extra money or even as a main income.

We recommend that you use lines with vibrant colors so that the piece attracts more attention. Since the main idea is the illusion of a beautiful rainbow.


Here at xellcrafts you will learn through amazing crochet tutorials, fabulous and wonderful pieces that will teach you stitches from basic to advanced.

To always keep your objects and work instruments organized, it is interesting to separate them in some space in your work environment to make it easier to choose when starting a new project. This helps to preserve them for longer and to advance you the time you will have to do the projects, even more so if the volume of demand is large.

Today you will learn how to make an amazing crochet blanket with a wavy rainbow effect. It is important to point out that the more you practice the art of crocheting, the more it will lead you to perfection. The credits for the image and content of the tutorial that we will quote below are by right of the official website of the same. We hope you have fun and do a great job.

Free Pattern Available: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket (Chevron / Zig-Zag)

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