Crochet square diagonal blanket


For colder days having a blanket all worked in crochet can be an excellent option to make you more heated, on hot days this blanket serves very well to make your environment even more beautiful, elegant and well sophisticated, because in fact that’s what crochet pieces do with the environment.

If you enter my house is in love with my blankets, well before I become a designer, I already bought enough pieces and decorative objects all worked by hand, only blanket here at home should have more than 6 pieces.


I’ve always liked it because I think crochet makes the environment more elegant, it’s not today that I’ve been looking into decorative pieces a year ago when I decide to dive headlong into this amazing world, I started producing my first pieces.

It’s around the time I fell in love with this model, I thought it was beautiful is started to do, of course the little skill, left me months working on this piece.


But I tell you with all authority that when I finish it, I’m in love. Never seen model so gorgeous is amazing as this, it’s a piece of giving really taste for the wealth of detail.People without any kidding I must have taken about 4 months to complete, I was a beginner. I took a complex piece, more like I’m Brazilian and I never give up.

Just stopped and jumped to another tutorial when in fact I get it, it was crazy. There were days that gave me irritation, but I get, so a golden tip that I leave for those who are starting is to invest their time in producing smaller pieces, invest in the children’s business.

In smaller blankets, this is because when we are starting, we want result. So the result is what motivates us, so when the result doesn’t come to us to be frustrated, gets angry and thinks it’s a waste of time.The lack of skill initially is a bad thing,so invest your time in quick and short tutorials, it will be easier for you to learn more versatile for you to manipulate.

It is important to note that the skill comes with time, only time and practice will lead to the perfection of your points, it is over time this tends to improve for sure.So give up right away, crochet is a wonderful branch, I don’t regret at all dedicated to you in the background to learning, I learned by myself, little by little, talking to other people.

The internet facilitates it is very much our learning, today we learn practically everything through the internet, I bring myself a lot of tutorials, in reality I share, because the tutorials here are not mine, are designers that I consider amazing the work and always share with you.

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Because I put my hand in the dough to make each of them and learn along with you, I started in crochet a year ago and today I can say that it was a long learning journey.

So my folks, we will today learn how to make this amazing blanket that will leave your environment elegant, sophisticated, sweet and very beautiful.