Shawl Crochet Tutorial


How good it is to be here with you to leave a new amazing pattern as always is not really. How is your week productive, organized, trying to organize things to create new patterns … Anyway, I know that each of us has our time and our daily tasks, but we must always separate time for our crochet and without speaking that it is good for health, having many benefits for us besides bringing satisfaction with ourselves and an extra income for those who sell their work.

If you are new here, our website has many crochet novelties for you with various patterns of quilts, decorations, shawls, clothes, rugs, baby dresses and many other pieces like this also that brought you a novelty of a crochet stitch that can become several things. Do it with love and dedication, choose a quiet and cool place and let your imagination flow to create incredible jobs.


So separate your materials and let’s learn, I’m sure you’ll like it besides improving your skills and learning new things. The crochet shawls are great and very useful. They are easy to do being a good pattern for beginners but if it is more detailed shawls there is for the more experienced people so after practicing the novices take experience so you can also make the more complex ones.

They are great because it also leaves the look more elegant it also heats us. It is a good tip for beginners to practice because it makes several times the same point thus creating more practice. A crochet shawl can be worn and matches all the same formal seasons.

Crochet Shawls – Great for Winter
The crochet shawls are beautiful and there are easy patterns and difficult but anyone is quick to do and gives a charm and elegance in their look as well as getting warmer and protected from the cold of winter. That’s why they say that shawls are indispensable pieces for those who want to have a practical wardrobe. Besides being versatile it draws attention because of the work of the stitches giving an incredible effect.
Triangular shawl
The triangular shawls are great because it helps in the versatility of the piece being able to be used in several ways in the neck and also doing together with varied pieces such as dresses, blouses, trousers, wearing even boots among others. The tendency of the shawls now is to put their beaks forward instead of behind, thus giving to visualize even more the details and the points, as well as to hide unwanted fats because the shawl in the front can disguise them and still be stylish and trendy.
Colors and Textures
When we talk about shawls we already imagine the huge shawls with or without fringes, or those that the grandmas used in the fairy tale designs … But, how it all comes back, and it is totally restyled and could not be different with the shawls. Now they have become very modern and being fit for any situation or any age! Nowadays there is a variety of yarns and yarn textures that make for wonderful and different pieces, in your style or for the occasion.
If you liked then do not waste time and I leave below the video tutorial that I found of this standard, the video is in the French language, but is very well explained by doing step by step of to follow and also you can put the subtitles in English. Enjoy our page on facebook Xell Crafts and stay inside whenever you have news. Good job.