Crochet Blue and Gray Heart Blanket


Today’s tutorial is another all-blue and gray heart blanket crafted in manual crochet stitches, a delicacy. Perfect to exhibit in any environment, it is very beautiful and very versatile, because it can adorn your bed, your sofa or even gift a child, the same point can be worked on several different models of tutorials.

It’s been a while since I’ve been working as a designand work with crochet and I can tell you with all authority, it’s very interesting to follow tutorials, because you learn!


I learned is a lot in this long walk, I reco quite pieces through the tutorials i follow you i say, worth dedicating, the return with time comes.

It won’t be easy, it wasn’t overnight that I get the return I expected, it took a while longer worth it. Today I make beautiful pieces like being very quickly, simply and without difficulty.


At first I took months to complete even a smaller tutorial than that, this because each piece has its difficulty, is the crochet is resourcefulness, already noticed that when we are working, we develop our motor coordination.

Crochet doesn’t just develop our brain, it’s more than a therapy for the mind, I’ve started doing crochet in the past out of passion for the world, which is really amazing.

I marvel at the possibility of giving life to the line, in recreating pieces from lines and I’ve always had a crochet as an escape valve, I’ve always been a very stressed person and at the time I was crocheting, forgot about life.

But I never thought of crochet as an income or income opportunity, in reality I never saw this market, only after a crisis that came to shake the whole world, unemployment consumed me is also there on a thoughtful night, I said I’ll do crochet.

I knew it was going to be laborious, but crochet is a very detailed job, I also knew that selling the pieces would be fair to work.

More funny is that I only knew how to make little correntinha, dish cloth beak and pieces to adorn the bookcase, i didn’t know how to do anything else besides that.

I depended that the crochet worked, because I knew that from some point I would need to survive it, I spent months dedicating myself to tutorials like this, did piece by piece.

I only jumped to another model, when in fact I finished what I was doing, I was investing my time, keep learning, dedicating myself and today I can recreate amazing pieces.

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