Felicitas Afghan Square

Designing the baby’s room that is arriving is a delight. Researching every detail in decorating blogs is a gesture that is always done with all the care and dedication to receive the long-awaited new member of the family. The colors are chosen, the furniture, the cabinets and sometimes even a theme, so that the whole room seems to have come out of a fairy tale. In this post we will see more about this subject and make a beautiful Felicitas Afghan Square.

Everything that is placed in the environment is thinking not only to be beautiful, but also to be comfortable and safe, so with lighting it cannot be different, as it is a very important thing in the house. For that reason, we have separated three tips on how to plan the lights of the baby’s room. Use indirect light.

As the baby’s room must be calm and cozy, lighting plays a fundamental role in this setting. For this, indirect light, that which falls on a surface to later be reflected into space, is a great ally whether in decoration or other things.

Indirect light is less aggressive and also allows parents to check the baby’s well-being without waking him, which is great. Floor lamps are excellent options for changing a night diaper or even breastfeeding your baby without disturbing him so much. Install a dimmer.

Install the dimmer in central lighting lamps and you will have the benefits of direct light that helps a lot, but without the harms that it can bring to your baby. Choose the right lamp. Avoid using fluorescent and halogen lamps. They generate artificial lighting and are not very welcoming. In addition, the aliens heat up the environment.

The ideal lamp for the baby’s room is the LED: it is economical and does not heat up, which is incredible. Nowadays, it is possible to easily find lamps of this type, completely controllable and customizable from a distance, via tablet or smartphone.

Installed in common sockets, they can be turned on, off and have their color and light intensity changed without being in the same environment, which is very good. Lighting is one of the most important things in our home, so we need to be careful and be very attentive when we talk about it.

Free Pattern Available: Felicitas Afghan Square


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