Bavarian Crochet


Hello friends, welcome here on our site where we always bring beautiful crochet patterns for you. I’m a little lost here but I took the time to write and share a crochet pattern with you today. Crochet is something very wonderful that exists for many years and has not stopped being practiced until today, on the contrary, it continues to be practiced and increasingly innovated and modernized according to trends.

It can be used in many things and increasingly reach all audiences. Before it was only practiced by older people, seen as something of a grandmother, but nowadays that has changed.


Nowadays people of all ages practice crochet, it is even indicated by doctors as it has many health benefits. Crochet is a craft practice that is not difficult to do, just have dedication and love for what you do.

Another advantage of doing this type of crafts is that you make beautiful pieces by spending little on the materials. And it has many other health benefits, so it only gives us reason to practice our beloved crochet more and more. Let’s learn one more pattern today.

The current pattern of crochet is on a well-known and practiced pattern. You may have already seen or even made this pattern, as it is very well known, has the name of Bavarian Crochet. It’s a beginner level standard, that’s right .. you do not need too many skills to do this pattern.


With this pattern, the crochet quilt will look beautiful as well as part of it in the photo. This pattern is beautiful in the end result, can make a quilt, cushion cover, table path, cover of something you want to do and etc. You can do various things with this Bavarian standard, it is a very varied and innovative standard, sometimes there is some part that needs to change something or you may be using that point, it will be incredible, I’m sure.

About the colors we can mix several colors or shades, or we can only make one color but I think using more than one looks more beautiful and delicate. It looks gorgeous on a baby blanket, I think it looks delicate that fits babies and children. Remember that to make the baby pattern it is necessary to use soft wire lines.

A quilting with these crochet stitches has a unique and amazing designer, giving an air in your comfort room, cozy and depending on the color, a cheerful air. Besides they make us warm in the winter. It is that kind of work that in the end we were very satisfied and happy.

If you liked this pattern then take advantage of the free pattern I left below to access. The Bavarian pattern is explained step by step and still with photos to better understand to do beautiful works. Good work to all and have fun with this incredible point.

Pattern Step by Step Bavarian Crochet