Crochet Crystal Cold Mandala


The mandala is a symbol that allows us to recognize and create awareness of different processes in life, especially when it comes to change, learning and transformation. If you still don’t know what a mandala is, keep reading this article and I’ll explain in detail what it is and how to make this amazing piece all hand crafted, all made in crochet to decorate your environment.

First, to give you an idea of what mandala is and how it works, let’s take a look at the etymology of the word: therefore, “mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit.


It can contain a variety of designs and can even be created according to the author’s intentions. For example: if I want to accept love, we can make a mandala with a pink hue and remember the energy of love.

Every moment we look at that symbol, we can feel the energetic feeling and so on. The mandala is a symbol of harmony and can transform the energy of people and the environment.


That’s why we can say that we can process things and follow a certain degree of evolution.

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Mandala has an origin is an amazing story, learn more below:

The mandala is considered born in the East, but this hypothesis can be replaced by: We only know that the mandala exists in the East, because in fact the mandala has existed in the natural process for a long time!

That is, in the explosion, in the swirl of above and even in our eyes, all these flows are circular, forming drawings that we can say and think like mandalas, so they are like gifts of nature for our lives.

In addition, this symbol is the perfect harmony between the micro, the human, and the macro, the universe, so it can be translated as universal harmony.

Create your own mandala

Sit in a quiet place and grab a blank sheet of paper. First of all have to know what are your intentions, want to make a mandala of love, prosperity, tranquility, small, great …

Once you’ve selected all the features according to your wishes or needs, start drawing! Make symbols that appear in your mind. I left some mandalas below to inspire you

There are many mandala models, this is one that I think beautiful, or you can do even.

Place it on the wall, facing the eyes in the posture in which you normally meditate. Relax and breathe dynamically calmly. Meditation watching mandala drawing.

I think this is one of the tutorials that you should have been surprised that it is possible to make a mandala in crochet, it is not only the mandala, but there are many other decorating items that can be made in crochet.

It is worth checking out a little of everything you have on our site and getting your hands dirty to produce, that’s just a mandala model from several others we have on our site.

I would like to point out that the production credit of this piece is intended for the official website so you can check out more information of the standard below.

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