The Primrose Stitch Crochet


Welcome to our website where we share crochet patterns, tips for beginners, patterns of clothes, rugs, quilts, blankets, scarves, cap and more, plus several videos tutorials to help you complete the projects even more. I am passionate about crafts, so I am happy to help people find patterns that seek or help them to practice more and learn more with us, thus improving their skills with their hands and also gaining more experiences in this beautiful word of crafts.

Today I bring a simple crochet pattern and that is considered great for beginners, that is for those who are beginners in crochet because it is easy to learn and gives a fantastic result when finished. The point today is called Primrose Stitch, it is a stitch that is made using unique chains, it is a dense pattern that looks like the shell pattern and the shell point. This pattern is appealing to the eyes because its arrangement is perfect and looks most amazing when it is made for a blanket. Have fun with this pattern in your designs. If you want to know more, read.


Are you ready to start your new project? Then separate your materials and discover absolutely a beautiful pattern that is the Primrose Stitch. As I speak, it is always important to learn new patterns of crochet and is always very fun. First we must choose the type of project that we will do, with this point we can do various things such as sweaters, handbags, napkin bar, cap, scarf, cushion cover, scarf and many things. Once you choose what you are going to do you should choose the color.

For the choice of color depends on what you will do, for example, if baby’s blanket will be the color of the sex or the one you like, whether it is sofa blanket or cushion cover goes the color of you decor that will match, if it is give someone a gift to see what color one likes not to miss. With this beautiful point impossible the person does not like. Everyone likes to crochet as much to have the piece as they do because it is a great hobby.

Stitches Used


– Chain stitch
– Single crochet
– Half double crochet
– Double crochet

After choosing the colors of your yarns – remembering that if they are baby and child’s pieces, you should choose soft yarns – and separate all the materials.

Materials used

– Yarn of the chosen color – a hint is extra soft yarn that is soft and shiny, and machine washable
– Hooks – There is one that is popular that is from Skacel and features a comfort grip
– It has a Grip Comfort Grip hook that has pickers encoded with different color to organize easier.

I leave below the step-by-step pattern written to make this beautiful pattern. I also leave the video tutorial to better understand and keep doing with the explanation with clarity. I hope you like it as much as I do. Do not forget to follow us on social networks, enjoy our Xell Crafts page, we are always sharing incredible standards of all levels, from beginner to advanced patterns, do not miss it. Good job.