Blossom Blanket of Crochet Squares


Let’s go to another standard for our knowledge and learn more about crochet and have more skills to make the patterns more advanced. Always practicing new things helps us to better develop our motor coordination and our knowledge about the crochet we love. I’m always surfing the internet, looking for new things to practice and also sharing with you. My inspiration for the crochet was my grandmother who did and taught me the way I could learn and understand.

At first, it was a simple points and then a square, the grandmother’s famous square and all learn at the beginning is not really. And it was love at first sight and after that the passion increased and today you are my inspiration. Grandma’s squares are always practiced in the beginning, they are part of the history of all crochet, passing from generation to generation. I know that many of you who are with us are also newbies, and with that you have a pattern that looks like Grandma’s squares.


I found this pattern and it reminded me of Grandma’s squares that we always learned at the beginning and this pattern catches the eye because of its designer and can be useful to you because you can use it in several pieces that you want to crochet. I have always loved squares and in this pattern we will join the squares too.

I want to share with you this pattern that is called Crochet Square Flower Blanket. I just loved it when I first saw it thought it was complicated but it is not. As I said, anyone who has practice in squares can do this pattern, nothing is impossible also for those who have determination.

Crochet blankets are always in demand and it is one of the first jobs to be chosen by beginners in the crochet world to learn and also practice the stitches thus making it easier to make a blanket. And the points learned can be improved to make the most advanced and more complex jobs. The crochet is always renewable and changeable, this is the best part because we can create original pieces.


This crochet blanket with flowers give a very delicate touch and so can make the flowers colorful. This Blossom Blanket pattern can be made of various colors and variations as you prefer, make all the flowers one color or make two colors or even colorful, I left two photos with different colors to leave as inspiration for you, use creativity.

Below the pattern I found with the step by step, just click and you will see the pattern with all the information you need to do. Make and delight yourself with the result, besides being a gift idea, you can also make this baby blanket that looks beautiful and delicate. Enjoy step by step and do not forget to enjoy ourXell Crafts page. Until next pattern.

Pattern Step by Step Free Blossom Blanket Crochet