Field Of Flowers Blanket

Want to bring more functionality and rusticity to your environment? So, you need to invest in a wooden cabinet. Practical, democratic, functional and sophisticated, the wooden cabinet conveys comfort and warmth wherever it goes. In addition, its structure works as a thermal insulator that keeps the space at a comfortable temperature.

So, it is even difficult not to want to have a piece of furniture at home, right? And if you, like us, also love wooden pieces and want to reinforce your contact with nature, you should follow the next topics in this post and also the tutorial of an incredible Field Of Flowers Blanket.

Here, we separate information and tips about the wooden cabinet. Check out! Gone are the days when the rustic wooden cabinet was found exclusively in the country houses and the beach.

Today, it is part of the decoration of many urban houses and commercial establishments, and it is a charm. After all, there is no way to surrender to the charms that wood alone can provide to the environment.

Synonymous with beauty, resistance, strength and durability, the rustic wooden cabinet prints in the room what is most beautiful in nature giving a natural touch to the environment. Its brown tone brings neutrality, and the solidity of the color facilitates the combination with the other furniture and decorative objects present in the space.

However, it is worth mentioning that the durability and resistance of your rustic wooden cabinet is achieved through the correct maintenance and cleaning. For this reason.

it is important that you perform a periodic cleaning without using chemicals or abrasive sponges, using only a soft, dry cloth, otherwise nothing will come out as expected. Now, if you need to remove the dirt most impregnated in the wood, you can use a slightly damp cloth.

At this stage, it is important not to rub the cloth on the wood or use it too moist, as this can contribute to the proliferation of microorganisms. The solid wood cabinet has the power to give a special touch to the decoration of any room in the home, office or commercial establishment.

In the market it is possible to find many incredible options of solid wood cabinet for your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, among other environments, the limit is the imagination.

In Brazil, it is very common to find solid wood furniture made from eucalyptus and pine wood. However, wood from imbuia, araucária or teak are also used in the production of these pieces, one more beautiful than the other.

For this reason, more than aesthetics, it is extremely important to assess the origin of the wood and buy certified reforestation wood furniture, as it is a natural material and its high demand can encourage extraction and illegal trade in the country.

Free Pattern Available: Field Of Flowers Blanket

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