Half Square Triangle Hybrid Crochet


The rug is an indispensable accessory for those who want to invest in a very beautiful decoration and bring a more cozy feeling to the environments. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to use a shag rug and decorate your home and make the tutorial for a beautiful Hybrid Crochet Quilt available.

Check out! How to dry shaggy carpet dry: 2 cornstarch medications 2 measures of baking soda. Take the two ingredients and mix well, then gently spread the mixture on the carpet, leave the mixture to act on the carpet for about 30 minutes, then just remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner.


See how fluffy carpet washing at home can be really easy? However, although this technique is very useful and easy to do, it is necessary to take the carpet for professional cleaning at least every 6 months, because then your shaggy carpet, in addition to being very clean, will also end up being beautiful and well maintained for more time, which is great since you won’t have to change carpets so quickly.

Below we will teach you some practices that can help you to avoid wearing your shag carpet and increasing its useful life.

Do not fold the rug, if you need to move the rug or store it for a period of time, roll the rug lengthwise, this will keep you; Avoid placing heavy objects on the carpet, as this may end up leaving it with permanent marks and in some cases even holes;


Prevent the shaggy carpet from being too exposed to the sun’s rays, because the fabric may end up fading, especially fabrics such as wool and cotton, so be aware of that; Never wash the carpet in a washing machine – even if it is small. The plush carpet for the living room is a sign of elegance and a lot of comfort for this environment, perfect for those who love to spend hours relaxing in this space with the family or even have the habit of receiving visitors at home.

To choose the fuzzy rug for the room you first need to observe the size of this room, so you can fit the piece better throughout the space, so take the correct measures so that there are no problems. It is common for the rug to be located in the center of the room and extend under the furniture such as sofa and rack for the living room, however, this is not a rule.

There is a project where two plush rugs were used for the living room, giving an irreverent touch to decorating the room in neutral tones. Another tip for choosing shag rug for living room is to know how the decorating style of the environment will be, so it is easier to choose the shag rug color, although it is more traditional to use the white shag rug and the gray shag rug.

In addition to the color, knowing the style of decoration can also decide whether it will be a patterned or plain rug, the limit is your imagination. However, it is always important to remember that the shag rug matches different styles of decoration, so don’t be afraid to use it if your room is more modern or more classic, for sure you will be able to find a model that fits perfectly to environment.

The bedroom is the resting space of the house, so it is essential that it is very comfortable and the shaggy carpet for the bedroom can certainly bring all the warmth that this environment needs, in addition to adding a special touch to the environment.

As in the living room, it is common for the plush carpet for the bedroom to also be located in the center of the room and extend under furniture such as the bed, for example, but it is also not a rule, because it is also very common to use those smaller models, also of treadmills, of shaggy carpet for the bedroom that are usually located on the sides of the bed.

The fuzzy rug for baby room is widely used to delimit the space where children usually play, but in addition, the fuzzy rug for baby room can also be positioned close to the breastfeeding chair, bringing more comfort for mom or even the baby. side of an auxiliary bed, in case someone usually sleeps with the baby in the room.

Free Tutorial Available: Half Square Triangle Hybrid Crochet