Crochet Blanket Pride of Boudoir


Today brings another stunning and very romantic proposal. In terms of finishes and details all worked by hand, it is awork manship that will make your environment more beautiful, more charming and more decorative in crochet.

The perfect gift for your mom or anyone who is passionate about crochet art. In addition, the charm of this piece is in its submission. Have you ever thought about going home and seeing a piece like this decorating your couch or your bed?


When I talked about crochet, I got the peek, he was the person who changed my life in the difficult times I went through. I needed to occupy my mind. It is through this art that I began to occupy my day.

At the time I said I used to treat it as a hobby, and only did it when I had time, but I always wanted to make bedspreads, blankets and any other home décor.


When I went downtown, I was surprised at how many models I saw there, and when I bought most of the models, I always thought, “My God! I know how to build the foundation and why notexplore, learn crochet more and more.

It was then, on a cold day at home, with nothing to do, that I started searching the internet for tutorials that could teach me how to create works as beautiful as what we will show in the following tutorial.

I started doing and thought it was going to end, so in 02  days after the wonderful tutorial of this amazing designer I made my first piece, I remember that until today it was a dress in crochet.

Over time, more and more people began to praise him. I thought, I can produce and make several other models, it’s just up to me, so I need to run ahead to learn.

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At that time, I was unemployed and didn’t know what to do with my life, I saw crochet as an opportunity to earn an extra income, rather than after so many years in this business, now I turn that kind of yarn into pieces. Art is my main work.

I live on that today. I can say with authority that I’m in love. I began to fall in love and feel happy about the final process. That’s exactly our anxiety when we see the finished product. I’m doing all the templates that I can’t believe I can get, that’s a good detail, you can look for information and tutorials on my site to learn, I’m in the same situation.

What keeps me ahead is the motivation to complete the work and love the details. Today, I am very inspired by the models created by this amazing lady, because she brought multifunctional works in all aspects, whether making or using and abusing models.

Besides being a hobby, reading his blog and admiring the wealth of details of his production has also become my hobby.  Uma model to check is definitely a passion.

Today I have crochet knitting, and as a hobby of therapy, I do with a lot of love and joy, no wonder I’m lost in production, I’m called crazy by the lines, I don’t want to reproduce the same piece in various colors, today I share with you all the tutorials that I find amazing.

I would like to point out, that the production credits of this piece, is intended for the official website that you can check more information about this pattern below.

Free Pattern Available: Pride of Boudoir PDF  Pride of Boudoir Image Pattern