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Crochet rugs are one of the most popular and simple items in Brazilian homes. The reasons are many, even because it is a cheap product, which can even be made at home with some tools, besides being versatile, in addition to the models available, specializes in specialized stores.

All this versatility can be seen in a crochet blanket for babies, which is actually used in many ways, although it is the most common as a blanket. The same is true for crochet sofa blankets, which are usually combined with pillows and usedas blankets to prevent fabrics from getting dirty during use, as well as armchairs.


It is precisely because of this versatility that crochet blankets are often confused with blankets, because it is not difficult to find people who choose to use them as sheets.

The fact is that when it comes to crochet blanket, the most important thing is to use it in a way that takes full advantage of all its advantages, regardless of the model or product name.


If you are a lover of crochet blanket but do not know the details, continue reading and check out a lot of valuable information about the project, which is known for its beauty, wide range of uses and very affordable.

Take the opportunity to learn how to make a crochet blanket and check out our gallery of exquisite models, which are sure to inspire you.

One of the most important issues with crochet blankets is the difference between them and knitted blankets. This work is also very popular and is actually similar in many ways. An example of this is the appearance, because the two blankets have a braided style. In addition, crochet and knitting blankets are sold in the same price range, which is very affordable.

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But after all, what’s the difference between crochet and knitted blanket? Generally speaking, models made with crochet techniques are made only from a number of fabrics, while knitted models are made of wool. This makes the crochet blanket a more refined model, but with less detail, because the technology used in its production uses only one needle, while knitting requires two.

The interesting thing about the crocheting blanket for babies is that it is a model that helps children sleep, because the fabric is usually very soft and comfortable. This is especially true if the maximum crochet technique is used to produce blankets made of knittedfabrics, which are more comfortable and suitable for use as a blanket.

In terms of decoration, the crochet blanket for sofas is one of the simplest, but also very interesting, products on the market. With it it is possible to give the sofa a completely different look.

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