Savannah Afghan Block

The edge of the pool is the covering that surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool, making its back more beautiful and safer. That is why when defining the design of the leisure area with a pool, it is essential to pay extra attention when choosing the pool edge, so you avoid accidents.

The good news is that there is a wide variety of materials to use as a pool edge that meet the essential characteristics to prevent accidents, styles and prices that vary according to your pocket. So, know now 2 types of pool edge to use in your project and have an incredible leisure area to have fun with the family and the tutorial of a beautiful Savannah Afghan Block.

Check out! The infinity pool is a projection technique that simulates a pool that has no end, which is incredible and makes the pool very cool. It is very common in luxury hotels and resorts, but that does not mean that you cannot have it in your home too. It is only necessary to have a terrain that corresponds to the characteristics of the infinity pool.

Because it is a different technique, in which the edges of the pool are high, the labor can be a little more expensive than making a common edge, but believe me, it is worth a lot.


In addition, the infinity pool is more beautiful with light effects, a beautiful deck to place sun loungers and other details that make the terrace more welcoming. So be extra careful to ensure this in your project.

What is the best floor for pool edge? As we said, the best pool edge floor is non-slip since there are always many accidents with slips at the edges of the pool. As long as it has this characteristic, you can put the pool edge floor in the color and style that suits you best.

To help you with this decision, check below the most used floors for the edge of the pool: Mining Stone; São tome stone; Wood; Granite; Marble; Athermic floor. The stone from Minas Gerais is among the most economical stone options for the edge of the pool and besides being cheap it is also beautiful. Many confuse it with the São Tomé stone, but they have some differences in color and resistance, as they come from different places.

Mining Stone, for example, is not very resistant. It tends to wear out over time, depending on how it is cared for. São Tomé Stone is more resistant and long lasting. The advantage of using mining stone or são tome as a pool edge stone is that they are beautiful, anti-thermal and non-slip which will help a lot if the edges of the pool are wet. The risk of accidents is minimal.

Free Pattern Available: Savannah Afghan Block

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