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Want to plan a corner to relax and enjoy your home, but you have little space available? So, the small leisure area is one of the proposals to be included in your project. Being able to accommodate different environments, such as barbecue, pool and garden, the small leisure area can be decorated with creativity. However, it is very important that you pay attention to some details so that this space is optimized in the best possible way. Thinking about it, in this article we have separated some tips and the tutorial of a wonderfully beautiful Orange Crochet Shrug for you to learn. Check out!

As it is an escape space, the small leisure area, in addition to transmitting tranquility and warmth, must, at the same time, present functionality and versatility to users, so pay attention to these details. Therefore, it is essential to have a good project and, as everything in life is planning, I have separated five tips that should be taken into account when building your small leisure area.

1 ° Evaluate the available space: Before buying anything it is necessary to carefully measure the available area and thus determine what will be installed so that there are no problems. Avoid placing the grill too close to other furniture, due to soot that it releases.

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And in the presence of a swimming pool, try to leave enough circulation space, thus avoiding any type of accident. 2 ° Combine beauty and functionality: Try to install a sink and a bench near the barbecue, facilitating the food preparation process and, don’t forget to insert a space for organizing boards, cutlery and other household items, so everything is well organized. 3 ° Think about the cleanliness of the environment: Bet on the construction of an external bathroom or dressing room, if your small leisure area has a swimming pool, so that it will be possible to take a shower and change without wetting the whole house. In this environment, also try to use darker tones on the floor, as they inhibit dirt.

4 ° Select the right furniture: Know that the furniture that are outside the house are subject to sun and rain, so they cannot be made of any material. So, an excellent tip is to choose armchairs with waterproof upholstery, this will already help you a lot. 5 ° Invest in complementary decorative items to help you: After building your small leisure area, try to install lighting fixtures, so that the space can be used at night. As for landscaping, try to add elements such as grass and shrubs. When we choose to invest in a barbecue environment it is because we intend to welcome friends and family to share pleasant moments and share a good meal in a good gourmet area.

Therefore, it is essential that this environment is very comfortable and functional. For this, it is necessary to know how to choose the type of barbecue that best suits your environment and, to do that, you can search some models on the internet to get inspired. According to lovers of a good barbecue, brick masonry grills are the best, as this model makes use of charcoal and according to good connoisseurs the smoke resulting from charcoal gives a special flavor to the meat. Traditionally, brick masonry barbecue is made to be installed in homes, as its structure needs a chimney to disperse the smoke it generates.


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