Crochet Table Runner


When it comes to decoration, care must be taken, after all, the house should always be beautiful and pleasant, both for you and for the other residents, as well as for family, friends and other visitors. In today’s tutorial we will teach you how to make an amazing table path all worked on crochet that will leave your dinners and lunch with this amazing piece.

For example, a table is an item in almost every room of the house, and is considered one of the main components of any environment, whether in the kitchen and pantry, or in the living room, should always be kept tidy and decorated with bedrooms and bedrooms. Therefore, there are a variety of decorations to choose from, which helps to make the furniture more beautiful.


One of the most used methods in the world is the path of the crochet table, which can be found in the simplest houses to the most refined s. Alisto leave the environment morecharming, romântico and comfortable, isusually considered the highlight of mosttable decorations, and comes equipped with other items such as candles, picture frames or vases.

To have a crochet desk path, you can buy it in a specific store, or learn how to do manually at home, because today there are several tutorials that will teach you how to use various templates step by step.


You can choose a more romantic and refined version, simpler and heavier, fine lines, thick lines, elegant colors, bright colors to make the environment more cheerful, other options, all depends on your personal taste and other decorations of your home.

In addition, you can also choose a longer traditional dining table path (very suitable for long dining tables) or a more innovative dining table path in different formats.

For decades, the paths of crochet tables have been part of the decoration of the Brazilian house.  Tacins and crochet bags range from the simplest houses to the most luxurious houses. It is an item that allows to leave a comfortable and charming environment for visitors and residents of the house. The dining table has always been the key point of the restaurant’s décor and therefore the key point of each family.

Crochet tablecloth is a kind of decoration that you can do yourself, just grab a crochet tablecloth model and follow step by step the corresponding steps.

If you don’t want this piece, there are several artisans who make beautiful pieces, you can order them, the advantage is that you can taste and order other handmade products, such as American crochet games.

Or you can even buy a simpler crochet path in the store and customize it with a beautiful crochet tip, it all depends on what you expect from that piece. The detailed path of the crochet table can be found in environments other than the kitchen, such as on the main bedroom dresser, making the environment more romantic and exquisite.

It can also be placed on the room’s parade or entrance hall or in the dining room above the buffet, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

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Tutorial free: Crochet Table Runner