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If you are decorating your home in a practical and elegant way, know that bedroom blinds are great options for lighting control and ventilation for the bedroom. Bedroom blinds are light, modern and easy to clean products, in addition, you can find in various specialized stores or Home Centers several models produced with materials such as PVC, wood, bamboo, aluminum and fabric. In this article we separated several ideas for models of blinds for the bedroom, so you can decorate your rooms with style and personality and also the tutorial of an amazing Crochet Table Runner for you to learn. Get inspired!

Double bedroom blinds can be made from traditional fabrics or other lightweight and durable materials. One of the great advantages of blinds for double rooms is that these products accumulate less dust than the curtains of furrowed fabrics, which already helps a lot. With a great decorative effect, blinds for a double bedroom make the environment more charming and elegant.

You can purchase the blinds for rooms with manual or automated control which allows a perfect command of the light input at the touch of a button. With the various types and design of blinds for a double bedroom it is possible to decorate your space covering only the window opening or the entire wall.

Double bedroom blinds can be combined with light fabric curtains and installed in parallel. In a bedroom project, the white color helps bring light to the environment painted in lead gray. In another project, the decoration of the room was made with straw colors and the blinds for the double room were produced in light natural wood. The environment presents a light, romantic and delicate look. To have a darker environment inside your bedroom, blackout room blinds ensure a blockage of external light and help with sound insulation which helps a lot.

You can find blackout bedroom blinds in vertical, automatic and Roman styles. It is also possible to use blackout blinds behind a conventional fabric curtain to reduce the entry of sunlight if you want a very dark room. Blackout room blinds provide less control of ambient light and ventilation compared to traditional fabric curtains and vertical or horizontal slatted blinds. In the couple’s bedroom, blackout blinds ensure sound insulation and block the external lighting. The light shades of blackout bedroom blinds match the bedroom furniture and wallpaper.

In a dormitory design with glass balcony doors, blackouted bedroom blinds were installed to ensure total blockage of external light. The decor of the room is clean and the blind was fixed behind the curtain in raw fabric. You can find on the market several types of bedroom blinds made from the most varied materials, let your imagination. Before buying any types of bedroom blinds, carefully observe the decoration of your environment. Some models are: Horizontal Blinds: They have horizontal blades and partially regulate the entry of light in the environment; Vertical blinds: partially or totally block the entry of light into the environment;

Panels Blinds: It is a product made with large panels and are ideal for balconies or large windows. The mechanism slides vertically to allow light to enter the room; Roller blinds: With the rolling mechanism, this product can be translucent or block the light completely in the environment; Roman Blinds: The hallmark of this type of blind is the mechanism that creates buds when activated; Blinds for bedrooms with blackout: It is a product manufactured with special fabric to totally block the luminosity and UV rays. I’m sure you will like some of the models we mentioned above, apart from the fact that the choice is immense.

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