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The mustard color is increasingly present in the decoration of the environments, especially for those who want to bring a more cheerful, lively and full of personality to the decoration. And contrary to what you might think, it is very easy to make a color combination for home mustard color.

And thinking of you who want to invest in the mustard color house trend but have difficulties using this wonderful color in your decor, we made this post full of tips and beautiful photos to be inspired and also with a tutorial for you to learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Boxed Block Stitch Blanket. Check out!


The first thing you need to do before you start investing in a mustard-colored home decor is to understand what colors match with mustard, after all, this will make it easier when choosing the furniture, coverings and decorative objects that will compose the their environment.

they are one of the most important parts. Therefore, we have separated a list below with the colors that combine with mustard to help you make the ideal combination for your home.


White. Because it is a neutral and light color it is very easy to use white as one of the colors that combine with mustard, after all, it will bring balance to the environment that has mustard as its main color giving an incredible touch.

Blue. The combination of mustard color with blue may seem bold, but knowing how to choose the right shade of colors and using them sparingly can be sure that you will gain an environment full of personality, creative and very cheerful that will leave everything in the most beautiful environment .

Green. For a lighter and cooler style, invest in the combination of green with mustard color. You can, for example, invest in the mustard color for the room wall and leave the rest of the space decorated with potted plants giving the touch of nature you want to your home.

Black. Black, as well as white, is also a neutral color, but much stronger, so the combination of mustard color and black color should be used with care not to overload the environment, however, it works super well for decorated environments contemporary. Rose.

The combination of shades of pink with mustard color is widely used for cheerful, creative environments with a touch of femininity, because of this, this combination is widely used for women’s rooms, but of course it can also be used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms among other environments, as it will complement the place.

Mustard color decoration can make your home more cheerful, creative and full of personality, but it is important to remember that this color is strong and because of that it must be used in the correct way to avoid overloading the environments. The first tip for decorating with mustard color for the wall or even for furniture and other decorative objects is to think about the size of the environment, as we all know the best thing to do is to measure everything beforehand.

If it is a small room, invest in the color of mustard in only decorative details and leave the rest of the room decorated with lighter and more neutral colors like white and beige, or if you prefer, you can choose to use the color of mustard paint in just one wall of the room and decorate the rest with light colors.

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