Crochet Leafly Autumn Hat


The winter looks are on the rise and the cap is an indispensable accessory for us to withstand the intense cold.  It’s the time when women remember the beautiful pieces of sweaters, scarves, shawls, models of hats, gloves, shoes and, above all, crochet that we love.

What crochet brings us from so many good things, the crafts are made in a beautiful and charming way. We can make many variations with the same pattern.


With so many patterns many step-by-step instructions they teach us from simple level templates, from beginner level to more complex. Here on our web site, you will find many winter patterns in addition to many others.

Many patterns with videos, graphics and all the mentoring necessary for you to get along with us make the pattern.


With the intense cold of the last days and even the times of year that punish us the most with the intense winter, crochet we seek patterns and items that keep us warm.

One of these indispensable accessories are exactly the caps.

In addition to a lot of crochet items in winter, we also have a hat, which is usually used to warm us up and enhance our appearance. Today’s pattern is a beautiful crochet hat that ensures comfort and warmth.

Suitable for all hat lovers of all models, whether large, small, thin or thick, detailed or even simpler.

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Beautiful Crochet Hat

For everyone who always likes and want to crochet, today is the time to learn a model with a very cute and handmade cap, it’s very hard not to like. Choose your favorite yarn color and do beautiful jobs.

Hats are usually used to warm up and give an attractive appearance, so enjoy and make your hat now. Crochet hats are part of the women’s and men’s wardrobes in winter and are often worn as an ace in the cold winters of cities.

Although it is used in cold climates or winter, it is not necessary to use only theseclimate changes. When the cold starts, you can put on a crochet hat that looks beautiful and stylish.

For those who have crochet method hooks with needle and thread, nothing better than doing this pattern, because it is beautiful, you can do this model as you want, can change the color, use two colors, apply crochet applique as you like.

Make templates according to your preferences and keep them unique. If you sell, make a few more styles, so you can suit various tastes, various shapes, various colors or a color, with ear protection, thicker or thinner.

It is also worth mentioning that all image credits and contents of the standards is intended for the official website that you can properly check in the act of each standard.

We from the XellCrafts group are pleased to always be with you, thank you for always being here with us enjoying our tutorials, check out the tutorials and do not give up, because crochet is the art of persistence and practice.

Check out the pattern below this amazing cap below.

Tutorial grátis disponível: Leafly Autumn Hat