Beautiful Crochet Hat


Starting with the crochet does not need much or many materials and this is good because we can make beautiful pieces spending little and still be surprised and enchant at all. Being good besides being able to have an extra income with your crochet works is also great for your health as it has several benefits like improving motor coordination, improving memory and working the brain. Today I bring a different standard here for all of you that I found searching on Pinterest and on several new sites.

I always see news to bring to you and it inspires me every day more. I am happy when I see that my readers can make incredible patterns with the points left here on the site. Today I bring a beautiful pattern of crochet that is a crochet cap very beautiful and useful for all of you of all the ages. If you were interested then get your things, hooks and wires and come on … keep reading. Good job to all of you.


About the Crochet Hat

The crochet pattern I bring to you today is a crochet hat that is simple and can be made by people of all crochet levels and can finish a project of this in a few hours, it is very beautiful and can do of various sizes. Here’s how to make this crochet hat.

This crochet hat can also be done quietly by beginners, do not need much knowledge to be able to complete and also not use much material, choose your yarn and its hook and put this pattern into practice. The hook should be the thickness of the chosen wire.


Choose your preferred yarn and choose the color you want to make your cap, your preferred color if it is for you or if it is gift make the color that person likes or make those colors colors that matches everything like white, black and beige. If you make pieces to sell you can make one of each color so pleasing to everyone.

This pattern would be a great option to use on sunny days and protect the face from burns. You with a simple piece can totally change the look of your look and you can also add crochet appliques to decorate your cap with your own creativity.

If you were looking for a crochet hat, here it is. It seems complicated to do but it is not, it is very easy and practical to learn and crochet. Just as there are several models of hat patterns formed in larger or smaller circles and it is also possible to find patterns with sewn edges.

Crochet hats were used a lot in the old days, but even with the passage of time the hat for the sun for both adults and hats for babies is still used. I found this pattern of crochet while I was making a crochet piece for me at my friend’s house, putting the conversation up and doing crochet.

If you also like this pattern make sure you do and practice. I leave below the video tutorial with all the information to make this beautiful crochet cap, also follow our page in facebook Xell Crafts and good work.