Crochet Callatis Crescent Shawl


The poncho is a very old piece in the clothing industry, originally a choice of clothing with little influence on the fashion industry. But from 2015 to now, this single product began to appear in the fashion shows of major brands, behold, this one product should gain even more strength this winter. If you’re not yet a suitable model for the coldest days of the year, this article will give you tips for investing in a crochet poncho, which can be used in winter and autumn.

The crochet poncho is a mixture of two trends the clássi poncho co all worked on crochet is trend. If you still don’t know how to use it or need skills, graphics and recipes to make your own poncho, this article will bring more to you!


One of the inspirations for the square crochet cover is this model made of small squares, which blends two shades of gray. This single product also has the details of the hem, forms a fringe and adds orange to the gray, this color emphasizes more the clothing and gives this single product a more modern color combination.

Another technique widely used for making crochet fabrics is basic crochet, which can range from beach holidays to robes. For the making of this type of point, the technique involves the use of a loom that differentiates the formation of the point and gives the work a very innovative style.


In reality there are many poncho models that we have out there, all worked on crochet that give a charm and both to any look and will protect you from the coldest and most intense days.

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Among the many styles of crochet poncho, one of the options is the high collar. The poncho itself is already a unique product that enhances the appearance, the combination with the high collar brings additional details to the single product, making it a great option in winter, especially if it is made of thicker rope or wool yarn.

The crochet cover with high collar has a lot of inspiration, but the idea here is this gray model. For this piece, the bet is to use a thicker string, which can produce a heavier poncho effect, very suitable for cold days.

The blend of seams is the characteristic of this piece, although it is only gray, the seam creates beautiful details for the poncho.

In reality there are so many options you just need to choose the tutorial that is your face and put your hand to produce, the poncho in crochet is a very versatile piece, so it has come out quite varied models on the market.

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