Ombre Triangle Wrap Crochet Pattern

Looking at an empty wall and thinking about what to do with it is as challenging as choosing a good painting. Therefore, many people are investing in another way of decorating the environments of the house. The wall texture is capable of transforming any space into a work of art, moreover, as time goes by, the more sophisticated and practical they become. How about a makeover in that dull room, and the best, spending little? In this post you can learn more about it and be able to make an incredible Ombre Triangle Wrap Crochet.

The wall texture has an affordable price, considering other types of textures such as leather, metal etc. Not to mention its useful life that is much longer than these products, which is already a great point. In addition, if there is a need to change the decor, or if the wall has become soiled by time, just rub a hand over it and that’s it, you already have a new environment.

This coating is nothing more than an acrylic mass, which can come with or without color. What gives the finish are the objects used to shape this mass, there are many options available, which is great.

These objects can be found at home, such as: Brooms, brushes, squeegees, trowels and brushes or purchased in specialized building material stores, for example, rollers with protrusions suitable for this type of coating. So it is important to choose the type before making the application, keep this in mind.

Here are some tips for those who want to venture out and apply the wall texture: 1st It needs to match the rest of the decor. Remember that the wall texture is already striking in itself, so putting more things next to that wall can overwhelm the decor. 2º Before taking a risk, make a list with all the necessary tools, as stopping at one of the stages of the process can put all the work to lose.

3rd Pay attention to the spot before applying the texture. It needs to be clean and dry. 4th Never let the texture dry before giving the effect, or you will probably have to redo everything. To do this, apply the putty in small places on the wall. And never make patches, once the process starts, finish on the same day. 5th There are already rolls on the market with drawings and shapes of animals, flowers and plants.

They are made of metal or rubber and are able to further refine the wall texture. It is worth investing! It is possible to find the wall texture already in the desired color or white for applying paint or gel suitable for aging effect, which some are looking for today in their decoration. But if you are not good at things and find it very complicated, the best thing is to hire a professional.

Free Tutorial Available: Ombre Triangle Wrap Crochet Pattern


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