Crochet square Afghan Lauren Rose

The wall sculpture brings personality to the decoration and expresses the tastes and preferences of the residents of the house. On the market, wall sculptures can be found in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Both 2D and 3D versions give shape and movement to the space, in addition to adding a creative and bold touch. So, if you want to bring that irreverent and special touch to your decor, but you are still in doubt about how to insert a wall sculpture at home, pay attention to the next topics. Today you will see more about it and be able to make a beautiful Lauren Rose.

In this post, the Xell Crafts team separated several tips and models of wall sculptures that can complement the decor of your space. Check out! One thing is certain: sculptures have existed for centuries around the world. Known for their peculiar decorative and representative character, little by little they were conquering more and more space in the decoration of indoor environments.

Therefore, what used to be portrayed only by monuments and large statues in the open air, today, they take on new forms, being represented mainly by models of wall sculpture so beautiful that they exist today.

Why invest in a wall sculpture? Aesthetically, wall sculpture greatly enhances space and makes it more beautiful; Its structure is democratic and can complement different rooms in the house; Conveys a cultural character to the decoration of the room; It brings personality and impresses the tastes and preferences of the residents; Complements the decoration of empty spaces on the wall; In the decoration, the wall sculpture can replace paintings, picture frames, wallpaper and even stickers.

First of all, it is important that you understand that the sculpture does not fulfill the same function in a space, that is, each place reserves a unique presentation of that exposed art. Thus, depending on the room where the piece is placed, the wall sculpture may have more or less prominence, so be aware of that. To facilitate this understanding, we have separated below some tips on how the wall sculpture can be perceived in different environments of the house:

Wall sculpture for entrance hall: when having access to the facade of the house, the person can come across a wall sculpture that precedes the style of the residents, bringing a preview of what will possibly be in the rest of the rooms; Wall sculpture for living room of living: in this space, the sculpture is fixed above the sofa and is usually complemented with other decorative and furniture items present in the place, that is, its prominent role ends up being shared with the other elements of the room. You can see what the best places for statues are by searching the internet.

Free Pattern Available: Lauren Rose


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