Crochet delicate star for decoration


It’s not from now that crochet has become a big trend. Of French origin, this handmade and fully manual technique can be seen for many years as part of the decoration of a home, and is also considered a therapeutic activity and fully manual can be seen for many years as decorative part of the home is and what we will teach to follow to make a crochet tutorial.

Passed down from generation to generation, crochet has never been abandoned because it is timeless and easy to adapt to trends. If used creatively, you can warm up in winter, give color and texture to the environment, add personal style to the modern, be part of a more minimalist choice or update the energy and vision of boring furniture, half the elegance of grandma’s house.


And it can be different Add in different ways: through the beautiful bedspread, the trash on the sofa, the colorful pillows, the rustic scarf, the charming bench or armchair cover, today’s tutorial is focused on the environment, where you will learn to make crochet stars to use as a decoration object, leaving your environment even more charming.

In reality has a lot done and crafted in crochet that can leave your environment beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and well modern, just put your hand in the dough and produce, I brought today the star, plus anything that make up your environment working in crochet gets in fact beautiful.


I like to put in the same environment, quilts, blankets, sofa covers, cushions and even some characters that I have worked in crochet, I leave exposed in mine, actually in my room, in fact crochet is an art that enchants me.

It is not today that I have been saying that everything done in crochet in fact is done with much affection is love, after all are pieces and more pieces worked manually.

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I love this business, because not everyone does, but it is a well-run branch, after the pandemic has grown a lot, even more so lack entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with blood in their eyes.

Those people who really want to learn, be playing in the market and invest time and learning in doing what should be done, I like the possibilities that my branch has.

In fact, it is magical, take thread and needle and recreate something as beautiful, as the pieces I’ve been producing, in addition the material is much cheaper is I can work, because in fact give feedback.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to be provided with information that add value to you, study, try to get out of the box, be perfect, seek knowledge.

I used to crochet at dawn and sell the pieces door to door during the day, today I don’t even leave my house to sell, I barely finish a piece and it’s already sold, because I can work well marketing the pieces I produce.

This is important, it is necessary and so it evolves, it grows, it will appear.

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Free Pattern Available: Crochet Star