Crochet Raindrops Square


You always wanted to make your own quilt or blanket crochet and also contribute to the collection of quilts in the family and one more for the collection, and with that the easiest and most beautiful thing is to use crocheting.

Crocheting is a very adorable job and done with incredible results that can be used for years and if you want to renew it just redo or put something to innovate your piece. Baby blankets are always welcome and the result is wonderful, there are several types of baby blankets made in crocheting that range from the simplest to the most complex to make.


It is always good and satisfying to learn new crochet stitches and there are several that we can make a list. There are models of blankets with simple stitches others mixed, others with details, others with crochet appliques or ribbons, something decorative, in fact there are many things that can be done to make your piece unique and original. Let’s get started, get your materials and start doing your parts right now. Below we’ll talk about yet another crochet blanket tutorial.

By Crafty CC

Making different pieces is perfect for anyone who is starting in the crochet, as it improves their ability to do different things. It is worth investing in this world of crocheting because it brings us several benefits and also the satisfaction with the final result is incredible. After you make this lovely crocheting blanket you can do other things to match the blanket like a dress whether it’s a girl or a shoe, it can even match the colors.

I love the way in crochet we can create countless different things in a single pattern. Last year I made a pattern to use for Christmas and that same pattern I made of another color and adapted to a blanket. I have also done other projects that later wanted to change or increase, this is the fantastic crochet, a craft that can be changed.


With this tutorial we can make a beautiful crocheting blanket with the Raindrops Square stitch. This pattern is very simple to make so if you are new to crochet you can take advantage of this pattern and be amazed.

What I can not give you certainty is how much crocheting yarn you’ll need, it all depends on the size of your work.If you liked to make beautiful blankets right now for sale or even gift someone. Use the wire and the color you prefer.

Access The Free Pattern : Crochet Raindrops Square

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By Crafty CC