Crochet doily rug tutorial


The models of crochet rug are pretty easy to do for those who have mastered the art and its models are amazing for you to sell and maybe have your own business. It is very easy this standard. It seems to be difficult. but who knows becomes easy. and very cool for decoration.

You always looking for the best tips rug or something decorative for your home be sure to see the models that bring here on this website with lots of tips for you who want the best of a work in crochet store. Here you will find many tips. There are several models of crochet rugs and we can put in several places.


There are several models of crochet rugs and we can put in several places. The carpet is used all over the world, being used to clean feet when entering, being used in the bathroom to soak the feet when leaving the bath, sometimes used in the kitchen in the part of the sink and of course the most classic that is used in the room and in the rooms.When used in the living room and in the rooms is to decorate and leave the atmosphere more cozy and elegant, I love large rugs in the room think of the air of warmth, warmth. I know that almost everyone likes carpet to decorate like I do today so I leave a wonderful carpet crochet pattern that is a very different model, beautiful and the best, easy to do.

These models of crochet rugs are very easy to make, it is intermediate level nothing more that people of the level beginners can not, since nothing that love and determination does not help. And for those who already do crochet for years they will be able to make this pattern and their models easily. This rug pattern is really amazing.

Above I left a photo of him ready for you to see how the final result serves as inspiration and also model to follow and see if it is getting right as you make the pattern of the photo.

This pattern is beautiful to decorate your home and also give as a gift, imagine giving someone dear to this carpet, who would not love this, because it is really incredible.


For all who crochet to sell and have their extra income and have their own business, this rug is great to have in your store, as it is a garment that calls attention is beautiful and has a high selling price, so do it and enjoy the sales.

It seems to be difficult but it is not, but maybe it becomes easy. If you were looking for an amazing rug to do, look no further, enjoy this pattern and do it right now, your new project. Always be connected that always leave beautiful patterns available here.

This pattern has the graphic below to help and I also leave video tutorial, it is in Russian that was just so I found to leave for you but just put in the video option, leave with caption that will not only keep watching but reading and understanding even more. I hope you enjoy it, do not forget to see the models I bring here on the site with many tips, patterns, videos tutorials and more for you who love and your best in crochet work.

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