Crochet Northling blanket delicade


In today’s tutorial we will teach you how to make an amazing crochet blanket all crafted by hand, made with much love and affection that I will share with you today’s tutorial.

Crochet has many benefits to add in the day to day, plus it’s an excellent income option, before we go to today’s tutorial I’ll talk about some important benefits of crochet below.


On the other hand, crochet has a therapeutic effect. Due to its calming and rhythmic exercise, many studies have shown positive effects in people suffering from chronic depression, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and schizophrenia.

Crochet is also suitable for ordinary people who enjoy the feeling of doing something during the break after leaving work.


After a tiring day at the office, crochet can relieve stress and muscle tension because crochet can easily divert your attention from work, allowing you to defocus to a single hobby more deeply, where you can organize your thoughts while leaving your fingers and doing the crochet hooks. You work.

The color of the yarn also has a positive effect on the eyes. The color of the soft and fuzzy material provides fun to the cool, hard and bright office computer screen you look at all day.

In addition to the psychological and emotional benefits of crochet, it also offers material benefits. I met three housewives who started crocheting, first for hobby and then for business, making sweaters, shawls and pillowcases of different designs and colors.

Of course, income may not be as high as selling hot dogs during baseball season, but it adds a considerable amount of money to family income, not to mention the personal satisfaction of being able to dispatch and sell handicrafts on their own.

In a small local shop. Other items that can be crocheted include cell phone covers, trendy handbags, tablecloths and cup holders.

This is a healthy place where women and even girls can come together to exchange ideas and exchange views while exchanging crochet patterns.

Although some people like to find friends because of this common interest, some people are also more willing to do crocheting work independently, and their work is equally good.

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Most importantly, people who like crochet like the fact that crochet tools are small and convenient and can be easily put into a purse to carry them when they need to have fun doing crochet.

In reality there is a very extensive world to be explored, you who have to be open to the possibilities that exist and explore, I would like to point out, that the content and image credits of this tutorial is intended for the official website that you can check important information below.

It is worth mentioning that is learning, it is persistence, take one tutorial at a time and invest your time from start to finish learning in fact all the techniques.

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