Free Pattern Stitch of crochet Afghan


Handmade with a needle, the art of standards-free crochet requires technique and dedication, left behind the fame of the old and became a vintage piece, full of style and personality.

Always reappears in fashion, turned fever, gained a sophisticated and unique status, a type of sewing known as the hobby of the little women gained more prominence in the world of fashion and became a fashion among celebrities.


It is always associated with simplicity, but allows refinement with the use of more elaborate materials. This is a different and delicate point, with it one can make beautiful quilts or let creativity succeed, with the graphic everything becomes clearer to start working at this point.

Once again bringing something totally different crochet brings another amazing innovation to which I am indeed passionate, at this point taught in the tutorial is fully colored, done and worked by hand.


The following point can be used for several other models, such as blanket, scarf, clothing of various segments and various cloths. The cool thing about this point is the versatility of the model very simple, beautiful and composed of various colors is very cool to learn.

Although I’m a beginner crocheter I didn’t find the point difficult, on the contrary the difficulty level is average so it was very worth it, because from the same point taught I produce other amazing pieces.

I want to tell you that came here by parading that crochet is the art of development, know how to really open the mind and learn other things, making this tutorial I was passionate because it really is an incredible happiness to make this piece, well colored and super versatile I made a blanket to gift a person who was amazing.I want to tell you that it is starting out that in fact it is a medium level piece of development, but it is not difficult with determination, perseverance gradually following all the steps taught you will conclude, just as I conclude and feel super proud and motivated to make other pieces.Speaking now of crochet as an opportunity? How can you not fall in love? Looking at this piece I really fell in love, I finished the same model is put exposed in my atelier, detail was passion of my customers at first sight.

Detail I sold the two models i create through this tutorial and i have already received other orders, so I tell you that it is worth investing your time and money in this model because it will come out in fact is for sure will be successful sale in your city.

I also want to say that even you as a beginner will have ease in learning, the tutorial is all in videos, that is, it is much easier to follow the step by step and manage to make the model, in addition I learned this point with ease and manage to allocate the same point to other pieces.

People see crochet as opportunity, we live hard times today in the 21st century is for sure to be reinvent with something so new, so unique that only you do, will target you good fruits in the future.

So see crochet in your life as a lace opportunity, plus! Here on our site we have several step by step and amazing tutorials that will further enhance your knowledge and learning, it is super worth checking out, I hope you like!

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I would like to make it very clear that the credits of the tutorial, video and image used here is intended for the official website of the creator of the moment, we are just sharing this amazing knowledge with you.

So stay with us and follow through on this wonderful tutorial below, i hope you get motivated and immerse yourself in crochet with us.