Afghan Square Kinnedy Nichelle

The Japanese style of decoration is very rich in elements that make it unique. The Japanese lamp is one of the most versatile and simple to use, since for its delicacy it adapts to the most distinct decorative styles. Using lighting to give a more cozy and intimate atmosphere to the decor, is already a great artifice. By doing this with Japanese luminaires, an even more delicate and harmonious result can be achieved. Japanese lamps are those paper domes that have historically been used in Buddhist temples. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Kinnedy Nichelle.

Bringing it to the home decor is very easy to place in any room, they look great from the dining room, outdoors, even the children’s rooms. As they are made of translucent paper, they produce soft and diffuse lighting that gives a very beautiful touch to the environment. Another point in favor is that it is a cheap and very easy alternative to find in decoration stores or parties.

Furthermore, it is wrong to think that there are only white models, there are also colored and printed ones. And there is also always the possibility of customizing the piece, being able to give the face you want to yours.

When hanging, the possibilities are also numerous, always paying attention to the object you want to illuminate. In the dining room, above the table in the center, it is always a great place to place the pendant lamp to give that elegant touch, an already classic way of lighting using Japanese lamps. But if the desire is to escape a little from the classic, it is still possible to make an arrangement with a set of several luminaires used at the same time, a not obvious way to use the Japanese luminaires and bring a little novelty to the space.

In the bedroom, the possibilities are also many for the use of the Japanese lamp, the important thing is to let your imagination fly free. You can use it as the central lighting of the room, making the general light of the room a little softer, due to its paper dome. Or, it is also possible to use it as a point of light beside the bed, instead of a lamp or sconce. You can always get away from the obvious when using more than one pendant at the same point, or lamps with different colors or textures.

In addition, when they are colorful, Japanese lamps work very well in children’s rooms, as they are cheerful and playful but still leave the intensity of light more delicate, which is great for a baby room, for example. Japanese light fixtures are always a great alternative when you want to give the environment an extra touch of personality and make it more beautiful. Without restrictions on use, besides being cheap and easy to find, there are no excuses for not using them, but there are many reasons to use them.

Free Tutorial Available: Afghan Square Kinnedy Nichelle


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