Crochet Afghan Square Kinnedy Nichelle


Perfection will be the crochet blanket you’ll learn in today’s tutorial. Whoever sees this piece will be willing to buy blankets in all colors to warm it perfectly on the coldest days, for those whowant.

It’s a good choice for people who start building. Crochet is not just a culture, it is a therapy. The crochet quilt is not successful today, in fact, it is a detailed and relatively economical piece that can decorate your room, living room or even display it as a blanket on the couch.


Crochet blankets are fashionable, besides being more beautiful than traditional blankets, you can also make them in various sizes and colors to create your favorite environment. Crochet is an art of exploring creativity.



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The cool thing about this art is that you can start even without having much money, because the lines and materials are not absurd, can of course be put in your pocket, and can be an additional income opportunity afterlearning.

That’s because just as you seek to know if it’s used for treatment, taking time or even to do business in the area, some people take this job very seriously and emphasize having a lot of crochet work at home. It’s time to use imagination, crochet is really a pleasure, a hobby you can start without much.

Try learning crochet as a hobby initially, but only in your spare time.

I doubt very much that you have notion of time, crochet. What will happen is exactly the opposite: when you look at the clock, you get scared because time has passed and you are still there to enjoy your work.

And the cool thing is that with every result achieved, more motivation to learn, after learning the main points, you will discover how easy it is to do anything.

Crochet is like riding a bike, first you need wheels, you can balance. This is art, a constant balance between persistence and healing, until perfection is achieved.

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