Charlotte's Dream Pattern


Working with crochet is wonderful. You make a move with the hook and new stitches are forming, it’s wonderful to crochet with just hook and thread. Working with crochet is wonderful you make a move with the hook and new stitches are forming, it is wonderful to crochet with just hook and thread.

With crochet we can make gorgeous projects spending little, the result is amazing. Here in our ite we always have news of crochet with videos, patterns, news and more.


There are thousands of stitches and crochet work, each time creating a different and modern. The practice of crochet is very indicated because it has many benefits. The benefits of making crafts and in our case the crochet, are many both for coordination as for the memory and also in the emotional part.

It is practiced by people from the youngest to the oldest, being a hobby or a therapy. Today we have another beautiful pattern that I come here on our site to make available to all of you, so let’s learn some more of the crochet.

The pattern of crochet that I come to bring today is the one of the photo as you already observed. It is a very well known and practiced pattern, I have seen many pictures of works of various colors with this pattern, it is really beautiful. The name of this work is Charlotte’s Dream, you must have seen or already heard this name so now is the time to do your own work with the Charlotte’s Dream pattern.
The pattern this time may be the center of a quilt or several squares of this pattern can also be made to attach and form a beautiful quilt or blanket for your sofa. You can choose what you want to do, your taste. The average square they make is 12 squares from Charlotte.
Ch – Current
Bp – Post behind (the hook comes from back to front of the point)
Cc – contrasting color
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – half crochet tip
Mc – main color
Sc – Simple Crochet
Sl st – Slip stitch
St / st’s – Points / points
About the colors you can do as you like, above and below I left photos as inspirations for you of colors and ways to do, do as you please or according to the occasion. You can make a pattern just for each square or make each one a different color if you want to color it. Release your imagination. The thrill you get at the end of making this gorgeous pattern is great, it really looks gorgeous and I’m sure you will too.
This lovely blanket was made by Jenny, the edges can be made with simple stitches. If you liked it too then do not waste time because this pattern is very successful. I hope you like it and see you next time, and do not forget to enjoy our page Xell Crafts.

Instructions the Pattern Charlotte’s Dream Pattern