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The crochet cardigan is a must-have item in the women’s wardrobes and wardrobes. Although most commonly used on cold days, crochet can be used for more open knitting on warmer days.

There are many different styles, it is impossible not to find a perfect wool coat for your casual or formal attire. This product has a wide range of uses, and crochet only enhances this function, and many different weft yarns and textures can be used.


If the cardigans don’t seem suitable for this cold season, we don’t know what they can be! After all, such a famous cardigan is the one who always saves us when the temperature begins to drop.

Free Tutorial Available: Orange Crochet Shrug



Lightweight, comfortable, versatile and easy to carry, it is the ideal choice to stay warm in autumn and winter. But first, let’s understand how he gained fame and space in the fashion industry.

In any case, let us return to the cardigan: comfortable, practical, cozy and full of possibilities. Since he became part of streetwear, he hasn’t lost his place, and it always makes people feel their existence even in the cold.

Even in spring or even summer, in the face of cold wind or very strong air conditioning at night, it is always good to take a wool coat with you.

As if that were not enough, this work still appears in a variety of models, colors and lengths, and opens a wide range of composition possibilities for the day to day.

Whether short or long, colorful or neutral, buttoned or unbuttoned, stamped or smooth, the important thing is that there are things that please all tastes, so no one will choose them!

So now that you have (almost) all the information about this item, it’s time to check out some inspirations, understand the look of a cardigan in the coming days (and in life) and make sure that it’s comfortable and practical for any road that passes through you.

In the case of this model more stripped and casual, it is excellent to accompany looks of very good taste and sophistication, so if you want to learn today even this super beautiful model is worth checking out the pattern at the end.

The long female cardigan can be worn for more social and stylish pieces, such as this V-neck vest with lightweight fabric, tailored trousers and a cardigan with custom thick heel sandals. The third piece is an extra detail, using fabrics with minimal stripes and cutouts to make everything else fashionable – and of course, cozy.

Why not combine a black T-shirt and jeans with an extra-long cardigan for a cool, practical outfit? This piece makes the look more suitable for low temperatures without changing the production climate. If you want to make the results more stylish, please write down some tips here: tie a knot in your shirt, tie a stylish belt, including an animal print boot, if it is daytime, you can also buy custom sunglasses.

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Did you see how to use and abuse a cardigan?

Now let’s let chat is go for another amazing tutorial that will teach you the step by step of how to make this piece in wonderful crochet, check out the pattern below where the image credits and content and intended for the official website.