Rainbow Crochet Square


Doing matter here for you is always a pleasure because I know that many always expect me to bring news and make available here on the website for you amazing patterns that were looking or wanting to do. I love what I do and I will continue to do it can be sure, I love crochet, I love my website, I love what I do, the craftsmanship is fantastic and I know you love them too. Crochet always has new patterns for us to learn, and with that we should always update ourselves and try to improve our practice of points.

Granny’s squares are one of the best known recipes for crochet. With a multitude of variations, there are no limits to the pieces that can be created by combining these squares. But how to give a more modern look to pieces made with such traditional crafts?


Undoubtedly, the most common piece made from granny’s squares is the blanket. But it is possible to update this classic of crochet by choosing more modern colors, or even changing the design of Granny’s squares, as they are made in various designs.

Learning to make squares is ideal for those who are starting to crochet because there are few points in a recipe that is very easy to memorize and make. Plus, it can be a pretty cool color matching exercise!


In general these square have a design in the center that help to give all their grace and style. At first it may seem a little complex to reach the results seen on the internet, but with dedication you will be able to create beautiful pieces since with practice and effort everything is possible.

Many people use crochet squares to decorate and decorate their home, but in addition, these crochet pieces can be used to make other pieces. If you were looking for a different rug for your room, for example, you might consider creating a square design.

Free Pattern Available : Rainbow Crochet Square

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