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The retractable bed is the best furniture for those who need to gain space in small environments, such as loft, kitnets and apartments. During the day, the bed is “hidden” on the wall. Even many take the opportunity to place shelves and decorative objects on it, so it is much easier to disguise that there is a bed there.

Then, when it’s time to rest, just open the retractable bed and sleep. Practical, right? And for you to know everything about the retractable bed, we have selected here the best tips on this functional furniture that makes all the difference in the environment and the tutorial of a beautiful Heart Blanket for you to learn. Check out and get inspired with the practical rooms!

You can have the retractable bed made next to your planned furniture, or simply buy a simple and practical model for everyday life. But before buying the retractable bed in your house, check out a little more about the different models and tips to make the right choice, we know how difficult the choice can be, so we want to help you, come with us! The retractable double bed is practical and extremely comfortable to rest at night. You can hide it between the cabinets or next to the sofa.

As it has enough space, you can place shelves and decorative objects to help decorate the room. In a retractable double bed design, for example, the bed was made above the sofa. While the retractable bed is closed, you have a sofa and a shelf on the wall, composing a clean and elegant decoration.

But at night, just pull the bed to sleep and the shelf becomes a support. Everything was thought to facilitate when opening and closing the retractable bed, everything is very practical.

The retractable single bed is the best option for small and shared environments, believe me, it helps a lot. If you have children, it is a great way to get space for children to play during the day and keep the room extremely organized. Some models of single retractable bed even function as a bunk bed. This further helps to gain space in the bedroom.

The retractable single bed can also be used in rooms such as home office, so whenever someone needs to sleep in your house, you have an extra bed to offer, and that already helps you a lot. It is very practical, and the environment remains super organized and very beautiful.

But if you are the type of person who loves to host guests at home, it is worth buying the retractable and reclining sofa bed. On a daily basis, it works like a regular sofa, but whenever you need more space to receive friends at home, just open the retractable and reclining sofa bed to welcome you with maximum comfort.

Some models of retractable bed: Bunk bed with retractable bed, Bunk bed with reclining bed for shared room, Retractable double bed inside the closet, Retractable bed on the sofa, Retractable bed in the planned closet, Retractable bed with planned furniture, Retractable bed above the sofa, Retractable bed in the loft, Retractable sofa bed etc …

Make furniture designed to have a practical retractable double bed in your environment, measure, plan and I’m sure that after doing all this, in the end, you will love and be surprised with the result you will have, trust me, in addition, the retractable bed serves a lot of help, you can for example, have shelves inside where the bed is fitted.

Free Tutorial Available: Heart Blanket


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