Gypsy Queen Shawl

The use of natural light is something that many people have been looking for – and not only for the economy in the consumption of electric energy and consequent reduction of expenses, but also for the aesthetics! For those looking for this feature, the glass roof is a very interesting option. This type of coverage, which gives a modern look wherever applied, has been gaining more and more followers. If you are looking to become one of them, check out all the information, tips and tutorial of a beautiful Gypsy Queen Shawl for you to learn and do right there at your home!

There are a few product options that can be used to make your glass roof. Roman glass tile, for example, comes in small pieces that differ from other models in that they are more angular. The Portuguese glass tile is more rounded. The fiberglass tile, in turn, can be found in both translucent and transparent material, which gives you an incredible choice.

It is cost-effective and, even in the translucent colored options, it allows you to enjoy natural light, which is incredible. You can also make a glass roof with plates or glass sheets that can also be retractable. In this case, the result is a retractable glass roof, that is, that can be opened.

This type of cover is widely used in pool areas and outside areas, such as balconies. You can use these glass roof models over an entire environment or just in parts, forming islands of light, which gives an incredible touch to the environment. For dimly lit rooms or places farther from windows, this is a good solution. Tempered glass and laminate are the types of products most used to make glass roofs. They are more resistant and durable than other varieties.

The laminated glass roof has good resistance to sunlight and rain, which makes it an ideal option for places where there is great thermal and climatic variation, which already helps you a lot. The tempered glass roof, on the other hand, gives a more natural appearance to the environment, which makes it a better possibility for open or wider environments for example. There is also the alternative of selective glass, which, even allowing the entry of natural light, offer greater thermal comfort and control of the entry of sunlight.

In case you are really thinking about having a glass roof at home, surely you have already found some information about other types of transparent tile, right? In addition to glass, polycarbonate is also widely used today. The transparent polycarbonate tile blocks UV rays, does not absorb heat and is considered economical, as it has a low application cost. The transparent glass tile, on the other hand, may end up retaining heat, but then the solution may be to use it in conjunction with other types of tiles.

Free Tutorial Available: Gypsy Queen Shawl


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