Wonderful Crochet Blanket


Once again bringing cheerful news in the world of crochet, the cover that we will share the tutorial today is in fact amazing, well perfect all worked by hand is to make anyone passionate.

This is already a tutorial that I have here very old, more exciting. I made this blanket should be a couple of months old and believe me the other day I sold and received at the time many orders, from the same point I made several other pieces as amazing as it is and I was in love.


Have you ever stopped to think that you can today start undertaking differently and with that be become your own boss? Crochet is a very promising market when thought in an entrepreneurial way, because just imagine? Not everyone knows how to do, it is the people who know are few!

Being part of this branch, this market requires love, passion, creativity and really have to like what you’re going to do, because it’s not easy to work a piece in crochet.


Of course you are an easy and small piece will end, be pick up a more complex and great tutorial like this will take, however all the work invested in this piece is really rewarding, because they are pieces rich in detail and all worked manually.

I’ve always been passionate about manual labor, today I’m 26 years old, but I started crochet a few years ago, I came to participate in some courses to learn, which was formerly offered by churches, but I ended up abandoning.

At the time who did crochet is painted dish cloth was a neighbor of mine, which to this day produces beautiful and amazing models. Detail I really wanted to learn how to do, is stood by her side learning, point by point.

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Crochet has always been a passion present in my life, I could never devote myself 100%, because after we become adults, our hobbies are a little aside, because it is difficult, reconciling and being able to devote to all the time the things we like.

Believe it or not, I’m a job security coach, after 6 years working in a multinational, came to the pandemic and pulled me off the market.

I was sent away unexpectedly, just imagine! I pay rent, I have a small son to raise, the biggest rush is the day to day, see me of course lost, not knowing what to do outside the market that no longer had opportunity for anyone.

Moment of social isolation, the companies did not work, consequently stopped hiring, I found myself lost, not knowing in fact what I would do.

The only thing I had in mind was that I needed to keep going, need to find something on the market that wasn’t out of date and wasn’t scarce, since now I needed to find a way to make money to keep my livelihood.

In the period of unemployment, I still kept 5 months receiving unemployment insurance, that’s when during that period, I gave my blood, i dedicated myself to the maximum, ask for nights and days of sleep in order to learn.

I’ve dedicated myself, made a mistake, undid it and redid the same piece several times until it came out in a perfect suit, I tell you! I don’t regret it at all. It was the best investment period I’ve done, I actually said I’d get it and get it.

It’s just like you on the other side, reading I’m sure you face daily a battle with yourself to survive, we know how difficult it is, which is a daily rush.

More if you got here do not give up, you will make crochet more than an opportunity for income, I would point out that all the content shared here is amazing, this tutorial as well as several others that we bring here and credit the official site that you can check out this step by step following.

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