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The smell of mold occurs in damp places that are closed for a long time with little ventilation. If you want to know how to get rid of mold, that smell that bothers a lot of people, especially those who have respiratory allergies, follow our post to check out the tips and tutorial for a beautiful Wonderful Crochet Blanket. Molds are fungi that proliferate in hot, closed and very humid places, it has a very characteristic smell that many people call “smell of closed place” or “smell of things kept for a long time”, but there are ways to remove it musty smells that are easy and cheap and can be made at home and these are the tips that we will teach next.

The wardrobe is one of the furniture that most smells of mold. Because it is closed, and stores many clothes, the impression we have is that the smell of mold inside the wardrobe will never come out and that it ends up impregnating everything that is in there, from clothes, shoes, bags and so on. horrible. But now we are going to teach you how to get moldy smell out of your wardrobe so you never have to deal with that unpleasant smell in your clothes or in your wardrobe. How to remove moldy smell from the wardrobe using white vinegar: Remove everything inside the wardrobe;

Place a bowl of white vinegar resting inside the wardrobe for 24 hours; The next day, with the help of a clean cloth, clean the entire interior of the furniture with the same vinegar that was left there for 24 hours; Leave the wardrobe doors open until all the vinegar smell is out and the wardrobe is very dry; Then just put the clothes back in the closet. There, now you can use your wardrobe peacefully.

Before starting to learn how to remove the smell of mold from the wall, it is necessary that you observe how the wall is doing, if the problem with the fungus is very serious it is advisable that you seek a specialist to better assess the situation, so you are not at risk to do something wrong. If you are going to remove the mold from the wall yourself, it is important to take some precautions such as opening the windows and doors of the room leaving the space well ventilated, it is also important that you wear goggles, gloves and a mask to avoid further inhaling the smell of the mold. How to remove mold smell from the wall:

You will need 1 glass of bleach; 2 glasses of water; Mix the water with the bleach in a spray bottle; Apply the mixture where the mold stains are on the wall; Let the mixture act for 20 minutes; Apply the solution again and let it act for another 20 minutes; Then just wipe the wall with a clean cloth and you will be free of mold and its horrible smell. Nothing more horrible and disheartening than entering the room to rest and it smells of mold, it puts an end to any mood and can even cause allergy attacks, so now we are going to learn how to remove mold smell from the room. The coolest thing is that this tip on how to remove the mold smell from the room can also be used in other rooms in the house such as bathroom, living room, kitchen and so on.

How to get moldy smell out of the room: You will use 6 pieces of 15 cm of tulle; Cloves and cedar wood balls; Satin ribbon; Make three sachets of cloves and three sachets from the cedar wood balls; Use the satin ribbon to tie the sachets; Spread the sachets around the room. You’re wondering: why making sachets out of cedar and clove wood would be tips on how to get the smell of mold out of your bedroom? Well, cedar is a wood that, in addition to absorbing moisture, also eliminates bad smells, as well as cloves, which also have a very characteristic smell and that helps to hide bad smells in the environment, but to use the cloves– In India it is necessary to take some precautions, as he can stain clothes if he is in contact with them for a long time, so pay attention to this detail.

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