Beautiful Bumble Bee Dress & Hat


Hello girls, you who love a good children’s crochet dress will love this wonderful idea and still give it to someone you love, because who doesn’t like a dress for a walk or just wear it at home? It is very cute, you will love it very much. Always welcome on our crochet website.

If you can’t resist looking at a children’s crochet dress, this post will make you fall in love with the crochet children’s dress model. The look that is all handmade is undoubtedly a grace for girls, and with inspirations you can create various styles of pieces to make the little girl even more beautiful.


Crochet dress is very cute and perfect for any occasion. With little material and some knowledge in crochet it is possible to make this beautiful piece following the pattern shared here.

This crochet dress is very simple to make and the girls will be delighted with this beautiful handicraft that can be made by mommy or grandma, enchanting everyone and making the baby very beautiful.


It is always good to remember that it is worth using your creativity to create new pieces, this pattern is excellent for gifting a pregnant friend or relative, as it is an exclusive piece and it will generate a wonderful affective meaning of good memories and a lot of affection and involved among the parts.

Access The Free Pattern : Bumble Bee Dress & Hat

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