Granny Brioche Blanket

Like many apartments, some houses are being delivered with smaller and smaller rooms. The kitchen, of the corridor type, became almost “a stamp” in new properties. Fridge, sink and stove organized in line are present everywhere, with this, the circulation area of ​​the kitchens has been greatly reduced. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Granny Brioche Blanket.

This trend makes it more difficult to customize this environment. But all is not lost, although the space measures are small, we can invest in the imagination and find solutions, to sophisticate and highlight the kitchen, imagination is our ally.

If you’re not excited or your budget doesn’t allow you to change your positioning equipment, as this requires a reasonable investment and a little “headache”, there are other tricks you can invest in, adding personality to your kitchen and leaving she more beautiful. Regardless of your style, using light and neutral color coatings is always a good way.

Since the kitchen, due to its nature, is a very hot place, cold colors like gray, white, blue and green are good options to help you decorate. Of course, that does not exclude using other colors such as yellow, fendi and brown.

Lighting each sector well is also important to ensure the safety of people who will handle household items, which are often sharp, so unwanted accidents do not happen. It is common to use only one lamp in the center of the room, which is very bad, since you end up shading. The ideal is, if possible, to use a spot of lighting on top of each equipment or on the wall, with a spot of sconce.

If your budget is a little low, you can choose to use the cladding up to half the height of the wall, approximately 1.50m from the floor. This halves the footage of the material and fulfills the function of the ceramic coating, which is to facilitate maintenance in wet and greasy areas, to help you clean.

This way, it is possible to change the color of the other half whenever you get sick, without many complications, which is great. Another valid tip to reduce the budget is to use and abuse the height of the environment. Instead of cabinets and cabinets, you can organize and store things on shelves.

The shelves, especially if they are fixed to a rail, are versatile, allowing the height to be changed and their arrangement, whenever convenient. If the space is very small, you can still create niches and embed some furniture, such as a small glass cabinet to help you.

Free Pattern Available: Granny Brioche Blanket


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