Crochet Field Of Flowers Blanket delicade


Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces, which can comfortably complete the look of the house and leave everything very elegant, like this sofa and bed blanket. The colors of the blankets recommended here are beautiful, but they are just a suggestion, the choice of color depends on your taste and your décor, making the environment very comfortable and beautiful.

A job that needs a little more attention, but has a decent result, very beautiful. The mixed colors are usually fun and interesting, making your environment full of joy and comfort. This sofa and bed blanket are beautifully designed and stylish.


For those who like it very much, this is a great gift to complete the decoration of your home or even to sell, because it is a product that is always seeking to obtain, so that you can generate more with the revenue from the sale. Bedspreads are a very modern and creative way to decorate any style of sofa.

The blanket on can also be used as an ornament. Elegant and discreet, this work is simple and easy to do, and it is worth investing in the beautiful points usedhere. It is very suitable for the colder days, when we watch beautiful movies on the couch or in bed, can keep us warm.


On cold days, the blankets used in the sofá and in bed, alisto finish the decorating, is alsothe perfect accessoryto warm up when watching favoritemovies. The blanket is simple to make, with few materials, and the color can be adapted to your taste.

If you want, you can make one for each family member to keep everyone warm and full of charm in their rooms. This is also a beautiful work sold in winter.

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Blankets are often usedfor realdecorative effect. On cold days, they can be used  to heat in a good film or sisrie. This beautiful decoratingcan bedone with very little material.

The crochetis allows us to use our creativity to make blankets, pillows, rugs and rugs to complete the décor of the environment in an amazing way.

They are unique pieces, carefully made. Craftsmanship is becoming a more frequent choice every day, which is amazing. You can make this lovely blanket with very little material and use your crochet skills according to the tutorial.

For those who like it, it can be an exquisite gift, can complete the decoration of your home, or even sell, because it is the product you have always desired. The color here is just a suggestion. Use the color that best matches the décor of the room.

I would like to point out, that the tutorials we bring here on our site is credit from the official website, that you will be able to check information about the pattern below.

Free Pattern: cobertor de campo de flores

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