Crochet Baby Cardigan


Baby playpen will always be a must have in the children’s wardrobe, and this play makes the life of the mothers easier and more practical. After all, every time you get cold, you just have to leave this card in your child’s bag and you’re always ready. Being a beautiful alternative for when the temperature drops. So cute! This is one of the baby patterns that I find the cutest of this wonderful world of crochet. You will love this baby cardigan as it has a more elegant yet delicate appearance. It looks perfect for a children’s wear.

The good thing about crocheting is that you can do it in several different colors, and even combine colors with your child’s clothes giving more style. Cardigans are always welcome and a plaything for all ages, being girls and even ladies. The winter cardigans are very elegant and with function besides heating they leave the clothes more elegant and beautiful. It gives a special touch, being the perfect piece to take anywhere. Today, I bring you a wonderful crochet cardigan pattern.


Winter coats are highly sought after as well as warm up they leave the most stylish clothes thus leaving the winter with the reputation that people dress better, with elegant clothes giving a special finishing touch. They are beautifully designed and very detailed. Choose your line, your favorite color you will wear and start right now. Choose the colors by making combinations of colors or making a color just like the picture above, as you prefer.

One tip is that for babies we should choose soft and light yarns. This pattern is great for who is starting in the crochet because it only seems difficult but it is not, it is simple and easy. So do not waste time and enjoy this pattern, do not be afraid to risk and make new projects, it is with practice that we improve our skills.

This is a great way to keep your baby or child warm and in a different style, is to use the crochet stitches to make a sweater. This four-season infant crochet coat pattern is made with two simple hexagons! This can be done from baby to teenager. Nothing more rewarding than making a play for your son or daughter with your own hands with your dedication and care.



The size of the pattern depends on how many stitches will be made and can be made for any age because you can easily adjust the size because you will only change the number of stitches and lines added. It is good to be able to earn more points as your child grows, increasing hair as well. By always adjusting the size of the bolero, it is simply incredible. Sizes newborn-14.

Below I leave the tutorial in video form on how to make this beautiful pattern from the start, great to see how it is done than just read the step by step. Do not forget to follow us on social networks, enjoy our Xell Crafts page, we are always sharing incredible standards of all levels, from beginner to advanced patterns, do not miss it. Good job.