Made in crochet Navajo Shrug Cardigan


You know that thin coat you have to wear all year? Whether in cold mornings and nights, or to withstand the cold air conditioning, cardigans are essential items of the wardrobe in addition to heating, can also make the product more fashionable. Don’t know how to use yours? Check out our tips and try out a cardigan look all worked out in crochet.

But what exactly is a cardigan and how do we classify it in the family of overcoats? Traditional cardigans are those knitted jackets – usually knitted – with buttons and straight front, usually with a simple collar and without much detail. More modern versions may include belts, pockets, various fabrics and unusual styles.


The long styles are stylish and will make your winter seem more interesting – not to mention that they are perfect for those days when you want to take a blanket with you. Place the long wool coat on the most basic work.

Short cardigans and more traditional looks are great for casual clothes, but also for formal clothes. They look great when worn as a shirt when the buttoned-Upson, and look great in dresses – it’s a wildcard ready to use.


You have a short coat in your wardrobe, which is the best friend of your life. This cardigan model is super versatile and can be worn open or closed, and can complement the skirt, shorts, or high waist pants. The sky is the limit of this clipping.

Cardigan crochet is our favorite! On cold days, it is recommended to choose a warmer version, preferably with a different print, color or weft. Play with models worked in all-white crochet and make the cardigans a star of style.

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For fans of stripes, the striped cardigan is definitely a must-have item. If you already like coat styles, choose cardigan styles and try the basic styles. Perfect for those days when creativity is not the best.

When it comes to crochet the best thing is to let creativity and thought flow, this is because you can bring the version you want into crochet, just have the color line you want and needle to reproduce your pieces.

This famous cardigan is versatile, classic and durable, and can be a unique product in the wardrobe of all or almost everyone. It will not be outdated, will not take up much space, can match everything, is light, very suitable to go out on a day when the weather is changing completely or when we know that the air conditioning will be very strong!

Even now, when the ideal is for anyone to stay at home, it can be a good ally, providing a comfortable look for the home office or enjoying the weekend.

Let’s leave it up to you to go to know this wonderful tutorial about Cardigan below, where the image credits and content is intended for the official website so you can check the information below.

Tutorial grátis disponível: Navajo Blanket Shrug